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Great article via @cacarusoo and @TeenVogue on the Reconstruction Era, and the ongoing attack by American school districts (mainly in the south) to hide such a transformative and emancipatory moment in United States history. #ReparationsNow #Reparations
Despite the fact that Reconstruction is an important, influential chapter in American history — and that we are still dealing with the fallout of its end — not enough class time is spent discussing it, leading to a misunderstanding of the era.
I’ve changed my mind about #reparations because it will provide 2 things. 1. My investment portfolio will increase. 2. This cannot be used again in the future as an excuse for not getting ahead in life #ReparationsNow
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Outsiders resent #BlackHistoryMonth    because it destroys the narrative that we've been "squandering resources" while everyone has been snatching our bags the whole damn time. #Reparations
I love it when white, anti-black bigots bring up their one or two cherry-picked quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King JR but ignore how he called for #reparations for Black Americans (#Freedmen). Disgusting hypocrites!
No but clearly all of you want to make whites extinct. Who's the real racist here? MLK would be ashamed of all of you! Oh and before you assume I'm white.....DON'T !
SAVE THE DATE in Sac CA!! The NEXT CA #Reparations Task Force Public Hearings are Fri March 3rd & Sat March 4th in #Sacramento CA! Details (location/time) TBA! Stay up to date w/ current/accurate info on CA Reparations @cjecofficial @AmericanRedress #CAReparations
SAVE THE DATE!! The NEXT CA #Reparations Task Force Public Hearings are Fri March 3rd & Sat March 4th in #Sacramento CA! Details (location/time) TBA! Stay up to date with current/accurate info on CA Reparations @cjecofficial @AmericanRedress #CAReparations
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Just make reparations voluntary. #reparations
In order for us to get #reparations all black people would need to stay home for 30 days straight and demand reparations and I guarantee we get it
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@Zeekott If you are "indeed" a US citizen other than ADOS (American Descendent of Slavery), you ought not to speak when this country still owes ADOS #reparations. And no, Black Americans DO NOT spend "billions" of dollars on shoes. That is a racist trope.
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