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@GOPLeader what continued lying.. 87k IRSagents you want to stop is only for helping your rich folks so they don't get caught having to pay more taxes. That's your untold truth #mccarthylies #RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica #RepublicanParty
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@RepLizCheney is one of the most honorable politician's in modern history. She has the courage, the knowledge and willingness to work with opposing opions to be a Presidential candidate. She & @RepKinzinger would be a great ticket. #RepublicanParty is a #dud #DemocratsDeliver
Until the #RepublicanParty totally rejects traitor tRump & his elected supporters, the Republican Party is the party of cowards, liars, criminals & American traitors! Research the American punishment for treason prior to 1950. #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy #VoteBlueProtectAmerica
If Republicans take the House majority, McCarthy knows exactly what the GOP鈥檚 first bill would be. The trouble is, it's blisteringly dumb. (via @MaddowBlog)
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Then number two has to sexism. #RepublicanParty #GOPWarOnWomen
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This is the #RepublicanParty馃憞. One last push oughta do it! Let's finish this, #VoteBlueIn22!!!鉁婐焽吼焽葛煂 #wtpBLUE!
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I can see this week is going to start off good when #BrettFavre and #KidRock are trending鈥 #MondayMorning #RepublicanParty #CrazyPeople 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
#RepublicanParty attacking the @FBI turns "Back the Blue" on its head.
Republicans plan to make 'life as difficult as possible' for the FBI when they are back in control: report
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#Retweet if you think that #QAnon is a conspiracy theory that has become the platform of the #RepublicanParty. #GOP rife with pedophiles (fact check) with absurd claims that Dems are pedophiles & cannibals. Republicans metaphorically are cannibalizing gullible minds for votes.
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This is now the #republicanparty which sadly is working for them. The real question is which party will get voters like me who are truly independent, not just to say they are. Rs lie and take human rights and Ds too many social programs. #democtraticparty
It's funny that #Democrats call the #independentparty and the #RepublicanParty Nazis or KKK members but they don't want to admit that they started the KKK and they didn't do shit for #PuertoRico. Why does the half of the #USA still vote democrat?
Hillary Clinton likens Trump supporters to Nazis
can someone please make a dating app for conservatives/ republicans 馃ス #MAGA #LiberalsMustGo #RepublicanParty #Conservatives
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Why does the #RepublicanParty love #putin so much?
Read the shit out of them, Kirsten. #RepublicanParty #RoeVsWade
The republican party is BARBARIC. LISTEN.
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