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#Republicans are still evil....I checked. They have lost 3 elections in a row but can't understand why? So many many. You have to be pretty stupid not to see it. THEY ARE THE REVENGE PARTY. #GOPVendetta
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Jill Biden earned a Doctorate Degree and #republicans are mad that she’s being called doctor. Herschel Walker carried a fake badge, said he was fbi trained, lied about graduating college and being a valedictorian, and republicans wanted to make him a senator. #fakeoutrage
New #Republicans in the making
NEW: Inside a Nazi homeschooling group run by the Lawrences, a couple from Upper Sandusky, OH, and parents of four young children. The group has almost 2,500 member and the founders say its aim is "making sure that children become wonderful Nazis” 1/6…
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Why does #GOP think #books are more dangerous than #guns? Why do #Republicans want to stop education about #slavery, but want Bible taught in schools? Why is GOP more concerned with drag shows, than #Homeless vets? Why do they want a wall, more than an #Immigration solution?
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listen #Republicans, #GOP.. When you praise Putin, 🫲😑🫴're not an #American.. #it is, what it is...
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It's about time #Republicans grew some balls & honed in on our #DomesticEnemies of the #Constitution, many whom are #Oathbreakers with their anti-2nd A viewpoints. They lied taking the oath as they have mental reservations that keep them from #supporting & #defending the USC
If you got the briefing I got from the FBI, you wouldn't have Eric Swalwell on 𝘢𝘯𝘺 committee.
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We will never know why @MAGA #Republicans seem to prefer #Putin until @CNN, @MSNBC, @ABC, @CBSNews do their job and ASK them. ASK why they prefer a #Russian monster rather than their own elected leaders. ASK! Help us understand. Put them on the spot!
"I feel like I'm on an island. I'm literally a caucus of one." #GOP Rep. @NancyMace talks about taking on her own party over issues like abortion and marijuana, fending off attacks from #Trump, and how #Republicans can win in 2024. FULL EPISODE:
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George Carlin was beyond RIGHT. And he said this more then 20yrs ago. Here we are today watching it happen. Banning of books. #GeorgeCarlin #CriticalThinking #Democrats #Republicans
In preview of my endorsement for the Republican for the governorship in the state of Kentucky here are my top three candidates (in no particular order @SavannahLMaddox @DanielCameronAG @KellyCraftKY #Republicans #Conservatives #2023KYGOP #KentuckyRepublicans
I've been closely searching for #Veterans to follow on both the #Republicans and #Democrats sides of the house. I noticed more veterans were Republicans and for Democrats there were a lot of #teachers and #nurses for some reason.