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Human lives lost because of massive cuts by overpaid bureaucrats. This is the cost of austerity & it’s happening everyday. #SaveTheNHS #SupportTheStrike
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It SURE doesn't have to be Starbucks, though... #supportthestrike
I’m not a member of a teaching union as I’m no longer a classroom teacher. However, the offer teachers have received from the Government is the lowest made to any sector. Not only that, it’s UNFUNDED! Schools can’t afford the basics as things stand now! I’ll happily join the……
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On the 31/03/23 and again on 03/04/23 we must strike AGAIN. No one wants to strike but we are shouting into the dark. No one is listening to healthcare staff in NI. Support us, we care for you when you need us. Solidarity #supportthestrike #returntostormont
THERE HAS BEEN NO PAY OFFER FOR HEALTHCARE STAFF IN NORTHERN IRELAND. None. Offers for England, Scotland and Wales. None for us. We mean nothing to the UK and even less to our “politicians”. I’m sick to my stomach. #supportthestrike @columeastwood @SorchaEastwood
Junior Doctors have announced a new round of strike dates The Government refuses to negotiate with their unions, and therefore they have been left with no other choice! We send our full support and solidarity to all those in @TheBMA and @HCSANews #SOSNHS
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When we stand together, we win together ✊ Last week we joined striking unions in Cardiff to demand #FairPay and a better deal for workers. Public services are on the brink so we're fighting to save them. Wales deserves better, we need #FairFunding now! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #SupportTheStrike
Today I’m again joining my co-workers at @imperialcollege as we strike in response to the College management’s decision not to reopen pay negotiations, which currently proposes a real-terms 8% pay cut:…#SupportTheStrike #ICLStrike @UCU @UniteTheUnion
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Thank you @CCNSUnion and all of the wonderful students showing support and standing in solidarity with @ccnucu. 💖💜 #ucurising #respectFE #supportthestrike #studentssupportstrikingstaff #enoughisenough #fairpay #worthmorethanminimumwage