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Every time I think you couldn't stoop any lower @amandamilling you come back to prove me wrong. #NotmyMP #ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #ToriesCostLives
My local MP ! @amandamilling I say 'mine' but I didn't vote for her.…
David Etherington JOIN A TRADE UNION retweeted
Here's the truth about broken #ToryBritain which our cruel Govt & the tax-avoiding billionaire-owned press are deliberately concealing from us, & trying to distract us from with their grotesque & divisive small boat obsession. Thanks to @BBCRosAtkins & the @BBC #Panorama team.🙏
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Lady Julia #JoinAUnion 🍃💚🍃💙🌎🐟🕷️ retweeted
We didn't have parties to "boost morale" We didn't have quiz nights We didn't have champagne We watched our colleagues die though We were STEEPED in death We kept going We had to We kept on So don't you DARE say your parties were "necessary" @borisjohnson You make me sick.
👏🏻✊🏼Very weird from Penny Mordaunt although not unexpected ..typical gaslighting,delusional Tory..All wrapped up with a Thatcher kitten bow🎀 #ToriesOut259 #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToriesCostLives
Gaynor Benson-Atherton retweeted
I .@PennyMordaunt you think this is acceptable when @Conservatives have governed for 13 years? Shocking statistics that won’t pay this desperate lady’s energy bill, or feed her kids.@RishiSunak & pals pay proper taxes we could lift all out of poverty #ToriesCostLives #compassion
My mama runs a foodbank. Today a mum of 2 visited, broken that she could not feed her kids, she could not even afford the electricity to use her microwave. The team cried at abject poverty this woman was in so f**k off @PennyMordaunt with your Tory lies. #ToriesOut @anita_potter
Joey Clarkson Music retweeted
That age concern awareness ad with the elderly man on the bus to stay warm and the lady crying down the phone about being too cold - it’s heartbreaking and I hate the TORIES so much! Anyone who votes Tory has no heart!!! #ageconcern #ToriesCostLives
• Rishi Sunak has a tax rate of 24.5%. • NHS Nurses have an income tax & national insurance combined rate of 26%. It is morally wrong that NHS nurses pay a higher rate of tax than Rishi Sunak.
In one month the cost of white bread has gone up 23%. Butter up 25%. Eggs up 29%. Milk up 43%. Cheese up 49%. Inflation on essentials is out of control, over 20% and climbing. Don’t believe them when they say it’s coming down.
Replying to @sturdyAlex
Well @BorisJohnson @Jacob_Rees_Mogg how do you scumbags feel now? Let me guess. Heartless and callous. #ToriesCostLives
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#bbcqt #ToriesCostLives Fiona Bruce: “Who believes Boris is telling the truth?” Audience:
Replying to @NurseStandard
I will never agree with a Tory. A true lack of respect and insult to healthcare professionals on the front line risking their very lives during the pandemic and the general public who were not able to be with their loved ones when they sick & dying. #ToriesCostLives
Update on my care situation… social services are cutting disabled peoples care funding to the point they’re left with practically nothing #ActuallyAutistic #socialservices #socialcare #autism #adhd #autistic #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ToriesCostLives…
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Replying to @GregHands
The Tories are the most corrupt Party in decades Greg. How many of you made loads of money when you crashed the economy ? Don’t believe anything you say. #ToriesCostLives #ToriesDestroyingOurNHS #ToriesMustGo #GetBorisOut