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Just in case he says the same lies. #ToriesDevoidOfShame
On TalkTV this evening Boris Johnson claimed the UK wouldn't have been able to approve the Covid-19 vaccines as quickly as it did without Brexit. This is misleading.
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Didn’t you say pretty much the same thing about the tax cheating, off-shore hiding, lying Zahawi 🧐 Did the Tory Whip send you a memo or was it Dacre? #ToryCorruption #ToryLies #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #ToriesDevoidOfShame #ToryScum
Energy companies sitting on £9bn customer credit balances. Still increase direct debits/charges. Cheap source of cash. Not ring-fenced. When companies go bust, we are forced to repay - reason for high standing charges i.e. pay twice. They are robbing us.
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How much have Russians donated to the Tory Party? How much have energy companies donated to the Tory Party? Are you sure you want to talk about conflicts of interest? Which party, receiving donations, are able to change laws and legislation to benefit their donors? Corrupt!
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Three of them! It was humiliating for them when their mates are walking past but sadly it’s something they’ve grown up with. In “Great” Britain it’s an absolute travesty. #ToriesDevoidOfShame
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It’s funny when Tories claim to solve the issues they created. It’s like stealing a £10 note from someone’s pocket and then publicly handing them 50p and expecting applause. #ToriesDevoidOfShame
Here is a tweet which can not spell or remember @nadhimzahawi 😂😂😂😂 #ToriesDevoidOfShame
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Think it’s all about paying for illegals. If our taxpayer money didn’t go to them would have millions a day to spend on us. No need for rising bills.
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To be fair, there's an aggregate IQ of just over 100 in this pic. (If you don't add in Dorries, Hancock, Rabb, & Kwarteng, who all have negative quotients.) #ToryCorruption #ToriesDevoidOfShame #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
Such a charming, caring, trustworthy, value based family. #BorisJohnson #JoJohnson #ToriesDevoidOfShame #GeneralElectionNow
Jo Johnson, former Conservative minister and brother of Boris Johnson, steps down as director of Elara Capital, a UK firm named in a short seller report about the Adani group