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Tonight’s #QTime bingo 1/ attack welfare claimants✔️ 2/ attack the unions ✔️ 3/ criticise the NHS✔️ 4/ support Matt Hancock ✔️ Just waiting for an attack on refugees for a full house. Welcome to #Tory Skipton #QT #bbcqt
#Tory is of course a a synonym for corrupt.
IMO the #SupremeCourt ruling of "#Scotland's not a #Colony" & "#Scots are not #Oppressed" - has both set Scotland up as a Colony & Scots will now be Oppressed by #Tory #Austerity & Financial-F*ckups - So, can we have our Ref on the basis that we are now those things, please? 🤔🤨
Bloody hell! Unfortunately many people are idiots, and will still keep voting #Tory as they believe things would be worse under another government. I don't know how low #Tories have to sink before these people reconsider.
Check this,… the cost of the dodgy PPE contracts were actually added to the NHS budget… … so it will look like the govt are investing in the NHS when they are actually “laundering” public money through the NHS! Then they say “record NHS funding”. They think we’re idiots!
If only the #Tory #Liberal Democrats had not supported the racist policies of Tories and rehabilitated them as a party i’m government As MLK said Liberal Allies are worse than outright racists Because they pretend to care, cry crocodile tears whilst going along with the racists
@narkovian @NachevSiana no shame with these ppl at all, none whatsoever. Vote #Tory shits out! Arrogant! Narcissistic! Self-Entitled! See no wrongdoing in themselves! "Tory MP Andrew Bridgen to fight possible suspension from Commons"…
Replying to @Arron_banks
The migrant issue and homeless are not linked. But people like you link them!!!! The #tory #brexiters could solve both!
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Will this scandal sink 'Baroness Bra' Michelle Mone? #Tory peer and her billionaire husband are alleged to have made tens of millions from a #PPE firm she lobbied ministers over. Also don't forget her husband is involved in promoting #TaxAvoidance…
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“If I could see, within minutes, that she was trouble, why couldn’t David Cameron?” Wow: @camillalong rips apart Michelle Mone, her PPE contract & recent #Tory abuse of House of Lords nominations #michellemone #PPEScandal
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