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So are @Ofcom going to put their head in the sand and pretend this is normal? We are slowly morphing into America 🙄 #talktv #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #BorisTheLiar #BorisJohnson
Nadine Dorries says Boris Johnson will be found guilty by the "kangaroo court" privileges committee, but thinks he and his legal team would not “take this egregious abuse of parliamentary procedure lying down.” Watch Friday Night with Nadine, every Friday at 8pm. @NadineDorries
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.@RishiSunak do you think it acceptable that members of your party, of our parliament, receiving a £84,114 + expenses tax payer funded wage behave like this? Shouldn’t MPs provide a basic level of service & respect their office & our parliament? #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
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Theoretically he is right, all Tories lie as much as each other! #ToriesOut260 #ToryGaslighting #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #GeneralElectionNow #EnoughIsEnough
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We need to be more French! Our government, YOUR party, have Royally screwed up the British public! We should be on the streets kicking up an almighty stink! #EnoughIsEnough #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #GeneralElectionNow
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No, let's "draw a line" of 13 years of #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
Sunak Johnson Tory Govt they should be invoiced for the other 99% negligence and misconduct in office is a crime!!? #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
This is what happens when you have an incompetent government who’s raison d’etre is about keeping power and nothing else.
@Ofcom must be controlled by the Tory party inorder to allow this grossly biased drivel to be put out by @NadineDorries on @TalkTV #ToryLiars #ToryGaslighting #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
So the Tory government has realised general election looming they needed to start ending the pay and condition strikes across industries! We should never forget the hardship they have caused this country.#ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
Time for a by-election in Mid Bedfordshire after this outburst from Nadine Dorries. #ContemptofParliament
Instead I'm sure @RishiSunak is keen to learn more from this corrupt Fascist on how to suppress the British people and get away with crime. #netanyahu #IsraeliApartheid #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
Benjamin Netanyahu operates a brutal regime of apartheid over the Palestinian people. Instead of rolling out the red carpet, Rishi Sunak should confront the Israeli PM over human rights abuses, ban the trade of illegal settlement goods, and call for justice, equality & peace.
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I wouldn't trust a single Tory to run a bath, defending the indefensible is not a good look Kev. How much is a soul worth these days🤔 #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #ToryLiars #JohnsonTheLiar #EnoughIsEnough #UnitedAgainstTheTories #GeneralElectionNow
A key point that just highlights further lies from #LiarJohnson #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
Outrageous profiteering at our expense. #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #ToryGaslighting
Over 170 ex-ministers & officials take jobs linked to old policy briefs since 2017 Javid, Williamson, Buckland...the list is 170 names long. And that's just in 6 years, many being paid while still sitting MPs. A government borne of lies and greed 😡…
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It's been a crazy week, Johnson before the privileges committee with his legal team paid by us the tax payer...! #JohnsonLiedPeopleDied #GTTONow #ToryLiars #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern