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FTA with New Zealand basically skewers British Farming & greatly benefits New Zealand farmers. Economic impact on UK economy has been assessed as negligible. Truss has the gall to BS farmers, when she is theperson responsible for their demise. I truly fear for farms. #ToryLies
Have they even started building any NEW hospitals? Most of the plans were for extensions to existing ones #ToryLies Meanwhile there are hospitals with Acroprops holding up the ceilings and the floors above! #BrokenPromises #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToryCriminals #ToryCorruption #GTTO
Majority of 40 new hospitals promised by Boris Johnson in 2019 unlikely to be finished by next general election…
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Hello, and welcome to my ongoing series; 'Tweets That Have Aged Well'. #BorisJohnson #PostTruthism #40Hospitals #Hospitals #ToryLies
The thing about the kind of lies that Donald Trump tells and now Boris Johnson tells is that sooner or later someone's going to actually need that bridge to be in place, or for that hospital to be real. #GE2019
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Hi @BBCPolitics , why are you attacking @Keir_Starmer who is NOT the PM whilst deliberately ignoring @BorisJohnson who IS PM and now on his SECOND holiday in a row? Why deliberately deceive the public? #ToryCollaborators #ToryLies #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg #ToryLiars! #Christian ethics easily abandoned for #ToryLies Hypocrite. The deception and cover up are typical of #ToryMPs
Jacob Rees Mogg wrote an article criticising lazy civil servants staying at home. It featured this photo, supposedly of empty desks in the Serious Fraud Office. Unfortunately...the photo was actually taken in Rees Mogg's own cabinet office department. It has been quietly deleted.
There never WAS 40 new hospitals, it was #Tory spin. What they plan is to update hospitals or add new depts: or buildings to EXISTING hospitals with very few being built from scratch. If you think about it how in God's name would we actually STAFF 40 new hospitals🤷‍♀️ 🙄#ToryLies
Seven of the 40 hospitals still do not have a completion date, with another 25 not expected to be finished until at least 2024
Unlikely to be finished??? Frankly it’ll be a flaming miracle if they’re even STARTED by the next GE. #ToryLiars #ToryLies #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #ToryIncompetence
Duh. If anyone ever believed in these, they’re utter fools. #ToryLiars #ToryLies #LiarJohnson
Majority of 40 new hospitals promised by Boris Johnson in 2019 unlikely to be finished by next general election…
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But they’re not new are they? They’re refurbishments which are needed, but not new. #ToryLies
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This is what you get when you listen to: a clown, failing Grayling, Farage, Patel, Francois, Raab, Gove, Mogg et al. Instead of experts! Didn't the 52% notice? #BrexitBrokeBritain #BrexitReality #ToryLies
"It turns out that shooting yourself in the foot really hurts".…
Who’d have thought it? Amazing they’ve only just realised… #ToryLies
The BBC has given Johnson and the Tory Government a very easy ride. To call them rabidly left wing is more a guilty admission of your own views than an accurate analysis of BBC political inclinations. The right wing desire to control all media output is sickening. #ToryLies
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Majority ? The answer will be NONE. There are no new hospitals planned, let alone 40. Just #ToryLies I'm afraid. #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern