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Replying to @SenTedCruz
@POTUS is cooperating, #traitorTrump is not. What is #TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica trying to hide?
Replying to @NikkiHaley
Harder when #traitorTrump gives out their secrets
Replying to @DineshDSouza
#TraitorTrump is a seditious traitor. He exposed his own treachery. #GOP
Replying to @ACTBrigitte
Oh Bull 💩 funny how you frame it that way and not they voted for @POTUS because #TraitorTrump was trash
Replying to @Rachel1964A
Yes. These days, I'd move to a foreign country just to get away from our broken government. Biden has done a remarkable job of pulling us back from the brink, but I was ready to leave BEFORE #traitortrump's abysmal regime, and I'm seriously looking into alternatives.
Elaine Rand retweeted
Comey just gave a"plausible"explanation 4 HRC losing the #ElectoralCollege . He had 2 have known the "fix" was in. #TraitorTrump still lost the votes of 🇺🇸 ppl twice. He never had a mandate, but still refers 2 himself as "favorite Pres". The whole thing was a con.
Trump would just give Ukraine & Europe to Putin #TraitorTrump
Replying to @TaylorRMarshall
I'm glad we have a #POTUS that is a real & a true Christian with a loving & kind soul. Luckily #westoppedthesteal & got rid of #traitortrump & the #trumpcult. Now I just hope that the #Christianhypocrites finally wake up & realize he is the antithesis of what Jesus stood for.
Replying to @dbongino
You appear to be confusing our greatly respected President Biden with #TraitorTrump, our naughty flusher of things not intended to be flushed - and eater of things not intended to be eaten. 😖
starship retweeted
Replying to @NEWSMAX
#TraitorTrump is obviously not that person....
Replying to @DavidSacks
This is a guy that shouldn’t even be walking around free. Who gives a f*ck what he has to say? #trumpisanationalsecurityrisk #TraitorTrump #TrumpForPrison
If the United States wishes to set an example of what a prosperous democracy should look like - criminally charging and punishing those who sought to destroy it would be a good start. #LockHimUp #IndictTrump #ProsecuteTrump #TraitorTrump
Why the hell is Zuckerberg giving Donald Trump a free pass to lie and incite violence? The last time Trump’s election lies went unchecked, he abused his massive online megaphone to incite the violent January 6th insurrection — which led to his ban in the first place.
Haha! #Radical. The radical ones are those @GOP trying to ban books, shut down libraries & certain kinds of instructional material from classrooms. #TraitorTrump is such an ass clown. Who will be the last imbecile in the #LetsGoBrandon death cult who will stand by this buffoon?
Trump: We will stop the left wing radical racists and perverts who are trying to indoctrinate our youth.