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Letting them simulate sex acts in front of her child could soon follow. Don’t give her any credit. #TRASH
I am so glad I went to #Paris when I was 16. I am so grateful I got to experience it. I am ready for a New World where WE THE PEOPLE can have our voices be heard. I am proud of them. It is so sad but completely necessary. Fuck the system and #EatTheRich. 🕰 #France #fire #trash
Some of these men on #MAFSAustralia !!🤬 They don’t deserve these women. Put them in the bin where they belong! #trash 🗑️
Solid Waste Convenience Center at Passmore Lane will be CLOSED tomorrow morning (Mar. 23) for repairs/maintenance. We plan to reopen ~1 pm. All other @madisoncountytn Solid Waste sites will be open regular hours. #trash
Re: the dude @msnbc is now PAYING to be on their air. #JohnKasich Moderate #MAGA! Amirite, Rashida? We can’t have @TiffanyDCross but we can have this dude? #Trash
“Came across” is the key. It is all an act. He is as bad as any MAGA, especially for women and poor people. We Ohioans know he’s awful.
@MississippiDOT & @KeepMSBeautiful received a 2022 State Agency Partnership Award at the Keep America Beautiful National Conference Feb. 20-23 in Washington, D.C. #transportation #litter #trash #road @aashtospeaks @tatereeves…
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Suede - Trash (1996) 🎶🎸🎶🎸🎶🎸 #suede #brettanderson #trash #90smusic #musicvideos #indie #rock #britpop #music
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A fake “journalist” interviewing a fake “wrestler.” @HARRISFAULKNER is truly #trash.
Replying to @kaee_1
..or your own place or a great job or education!! Maybe run your own business?! Nope 😂 go to school for graduate? No no. Well that’s my erryday life!! Losers wasting theirs w/smoking, drinking, several roommates, no taste for fashion, in their “homes” etc etc 🤞🏼🤣 #trash #basic
Welcome to the stock market! Where anything can be a meme stock if there’s enough incentive to make it so. #banks #meme #trash #stocks
Depositors have no incentive to cause bank runs — but short sellers do.
"For the People". #trash
Fresh off the wires: @CanadianPress has learned that Ontario will not extend its temporary sick day program that provided 3 paid days off to workers during the #COVID pandemic. "The sources say it will not be replaced with another program..."