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To my dear readers with vaccine injured kids: Seek out the holistic healers & functional docs in your area, not advertising their skill due to censorship & medical board harassment. Ask your fellow mom friends out there for recommendations! #Truth #StoptheShots #mRNA #vaccine
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The Divide #truth
Trump got 5,000 Taliban prisoners released. Biden got Brittney Griner released.
Engineer’s are the gateway between thought and physical reality. #master #thoughts #Truth
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#Truth ⚡️
"Are you saying that this government is purposefully scuppering any chance of a deal?" "Absolutely. That's exactly what I'm saying." @RMTunion Mick Lynch on where the blame lies for the ongoing #RailStrikes
Riccardo for new government in Australia #government #truthsocial #Truth
I truly think most would prefer to be left alone……they are the ones who release hell.
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WATCH⬇️ There is not another podcast better and more relevant, AND no person as knowledgeable about this subject as @RudyGiuliani ! #Truth 🇺🇸 Get the Rumble app & view!
CENSORED: Here Are The Crimes They Are Hiding From You - December 8th 2022 (Ep. 296)
All the #military and #Police forces better start waking up. As the downfall of societies ensue, YOU will be going down with us. None of us get out of this unless we all stand together. None of us - including you guys. #GreatResist #justice #Truth
A mother complained on Facebook about her kids being taught about "pansexuality" in school. The military called the local police on her who told her to delete her post. For anyone who thinks the military is on our side, think again. They all hate us.
@ichinita310 has the 411 revealing the #truth about what's been going on and IS going on w/ men in women's prisons. #KPSS
🧵🧵🧵OK, everybody. Buckle right up. A substantive mega-thread here on some extremely serious injustices wrought by gender ideology. This is monstrously insane and breathtakingly evil. 1/36
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