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Gitte Moller retweeted
When tyrants brazenly defy the will of the people, mass non-compliance is the only solution. #ULEZ #ULEZExpansion #LTNs #15MinuteCities #15MinutePrisons #ClimateScam #NetZero
Sophie 💜 retweeted
Did anyone see the consultation by @MayorofLondon on Road User Charging? It had the shortest window of replies so probably not many. So if you didnt see this you can see again how he operates taxation without representation #ULEZ #ulezexpansion #khanout
Looks like France has had enough of Macron.
You have the job feller Driving the New Super Loop Buses around London #ULEZExpansion
Harrowing for sure... over-revved the engine causing him to speed over the edge. (IMHO) People said it was the wrong pedal, but this seems like it was stuck and was revving up to get it free... then... *screams* Thank goodness that tree was there! Whew! 😱😱😂😂
@MayorofLondon you think we don’t see through this ? 🤔🤣 #ULEZExpansion #ulez #ulezscam
Sadiq Khan is totally unfit to be mayor of London... Just take a look at this pathetic performance!
Interesting table from @MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan's #ULEZExpansion impact assessment. Barely noticeable, negligible reduction in average exposure of the population to NO2 and PM2.5 in central, inner and outer London from the proposed #ULEZ scheme.
The launch of the #superloop by @MayorofLondon means greater connectivity in outer London, saving time travelling in and out to your final destination. Great work, and a first step to a better connected outer London ahead of #ULEZExpansion
NEW: Introducing: The Superloop. 🚌 A proposed major expansion of our bus network, connecting outer London, quicker. 🚌10 limited-stop express bus routes that circle the entire capital, making it easier than ever to move around our city.
Angela Halstead retweeted
It’s time for accountability! These people are running a mock! #Clueless #reckless #lawless #ULEZExpansion #Dictatorship #clownworld #Manchester #Oxford #london #15minutecites #15minuteprisons Politicians are scamming you daily! #politicalcorruption
Sir Juliette Pointoin retweeted
Delighted to join the @DRConservatives team with GLA Member @emmabest22 this evening, to support #JoeLynch for the Heath Park and Becontree Heath ward. Stop the #ULEZExpansion by voting for Joe Lynch and the Conservatives on Thursday, 30 March 2023. #torycanvass
@RFK ✝️🕊 retweeted
MUST WATCH: Well informed lady educates Glastonbury Town Council on 15 minute cities, CBDCs, Agenda 21, the climate scam and much more. This needs to be happening at council meetings all across the UK! #15MinuteCity #CBDC #ULEZExpansion #ClimateScam #ClimateCult…
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#ULEZExpansion are you going to charge these aircraft £12.50???? I'm sure they're not compliant
Replying to @MayorofLondon @TfL
Distraction technique going on here. #ULEZ #ulezexpansion #Dictatorship #SCANDAL #deflection this is about as good as expanding ulez.