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عـــبــــد الــــعـــــزيز صـــبـــــوح ✋🏽 retweeted
#UNSC Press Statement on #Sudan Council members welcomed the signing of the Sudan Political Framework Agreement on 5 December 2022. They underscored that this was an essential step toward the forming of a civilian-led government.
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📣There is a need for a straightforward #humanitarian exception in all #UNSC #sanctions regimes, to provide the clarity & predictability necessary to conduct timely humanitarian activities, and alleviate barriers due to overcompliance with sanctions.
Humanitarian needs are skyrocketing around the world. Adopting cross-cutting humanitarian carve-outs across all sanctions regimes would be a key step forward, guaranteeing that humanitarian assistance is provided to people in need, writes @AgatheSarfati…
With complete impunity because of the support of the U.S. and the money of American taxpayers. Both nations, #Israel and the U.S., have no respect for int'l law and int'l justice. Israeli forces can even kill American journalists with no consequences. #UNGA. #UNSC. cc @USUN.
The Israeli army has killed three Palestinian men during a raid in Jenin in the occupied West Bank
application of sanctions, as well as how to scale up coordination between #AUPSC & #A3 & amplify Africa’s voice in the #UNSC & global stage. Effective multilateralism & African leadership were identified as critical ingredients to addressing peace & security challenges in Africa
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Many of those who support the work of the #SecurityCouncil are not often seen. In our last month on the #UNSC, we want to take a moment to acknowledge some of them. 1st - 🇺🇳Security staff work diligently & professionally, all day, every day, to ensure we can meet safely. (1/5)
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Honor being 2022 #PowerOfOne awardee w/ @AmbKMcGuire🇬🇩 @jeanclaudeRego🇧🇯 @geopanayotov🇧🇬 @RepEliotEngel🇺🇸 Grateful to #UN🇺🇳@UN_PGA #EU🇪🇺@OlofBSkoog #UNSC @ruchirakamboj🇮🇳 #ECOSOC @lachezarastoeva🇧🇬 #Diwali Foundation @RanjuBatra & @RaviBatra 🇬🇪🇲🇦🇨🇱🇰🇿🇰🇮🇴🇲🇱🇰+cosponsors Humbled.
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Better late than never, but why so long for the world to open its eyes to the crimes committed in #Tigray over the past two years? Despite the blackout & the absence of journalists, everyone knew. @UNHumanRights @StateDept @eu_eeas @francediplo @IntlCrimCourt @EUinEthiopia #UNSC
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#Tigray Call now to held special emergency meeting session at #UNSC, 🛑favors for @AbiyAhmedAli of 🇪🇹, it is a survival issue: @UN must be ŵ the ppl of #Tigray on this difficult time, take a stand & measure, must say enough is enough, ✋#TigrayGenocide, call as emergency session.
“Genocide in #Ethiopia is not ending anytime soon as long as Abiy Ahmed is in charge.” #SaveTigray
Ireland and Norway are similar in so many ways. Great exchange of views btw 🇮🇪 DFA SecrGen Joe Hackett and 🇳🇴 MFA SG @AmbHattrem in Dublin today. Some of the issues discussed: ✅ Ukraine ✅ Energy ✅ Security ✅ EU ✅ Our collaboration as #UNSC members @dfatirl @NorwayMFA
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📢#ICYMI We've got you covered! @UN_CTED @NAUSS_SA's high-level event on terrorism-organized crime nexus discussed current trends & challenges, guided by #UNSC resolutions & other relevant instruments. ➡️Follow our thread for highlights. ⤵️ #counterterrorism #partnerships
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As we commemorate two years since the #AxumMassacre, we are painfully reminded that justice for the victims of the massacre has yet to be obtained and that Tigrayan civilians in Axum are still being killed today. #UNHRC @volker_turk #UNSC #TigrayGenocide
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What a "Shit-Show." UN allowed the 🇪🇹 govt that is blocking Internet and communication to about 7 million ppl in Tigray is hosting #IFG2022 It reminds me of Hilter hosting 1936 Olympics while committing Genocide against Jews, Roma. @SecBlinken @USAmbUN #UN #UNSC #AUEU #UNHRC51
#Today The 17th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) under the theme ‘Resilient Internet for a Shared Sustainable and Common Future’ opened in Addis Ababa. #IGF2022 #SDGs #ResilientInternet
Following yesterday's #UNSC meeting on @UNITAMS, the Council adopted a press statement: ▶️Welcoming the Political Framework Agreement's signing in Sudan ▶️Encouraging the parties to begin the process' second phase ▶️Underscoring the importance of resuming economic assistance 🔽
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Prof. @JavaidRehman: "I would call for the prompt establishment of an independent investigative mechanism to investigate all human rights violation leading up and since the death of #MahsaAmini" #UNSC
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