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USAID team with KNCV Nigeria Management after an indepth discussion on gaps along DRTB (Drug resistant TB) pathway and strategies for improving DRTB case finding and case holding in Nigeria. #usaid #kncvnigeria
"Mahmoud Trabelsi Services (MTS) is a small workshop in Sfax that produces home furniture, received a grant under the COVID-19 Recovery Grant Fund launched by the U.S. government through its #USAID #TunisiaJOBS program. More on: #USAsupportsTUN
🔰 پیرامون #پروژه_کا، #شبکه_بدامن و #USAID چه می‌دانید، ماجرای אמן چیست و موساد بنا داشت تا چه پروژه‌ای را با گردان 8200 و GCHQ سرفرماندهی بریتانیا پیش ببرد؟ 🔰 سال گذشته چهل بلاگر مذهبی خانم و چادری به ترکیه سفر کردند و نزدیک به سی خبرنگار فعال جریانات خاص به دبی رفتند.
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If #USAID #WFP & others under humanitarian assistance banner supply food, fuel, trans, comm eq’t to #TPLFTerroristGroup,is it really a neutral part to war?They’re all after disintegrating 🇪🇹. It won’t happen PERIOD!#SayNoMore #ethiopeaprevails #Abiyahemedfans #TPLFMustGo #African
Bahirdar University is one off z active supporters & sponsors of #TigrayGenocide. #USAID’s financial support to this University is tantamount to sponsoring #TigrayGenocide. @SecBlinken @AmbPower44 @USAmbUN @POTUS
Day 1 Had a fruitful engagement with Life and peace institute (LPI) and SND on Sustained Dialogue. MNF is a proud partner in this project (KIJANA JIHUSISHE) that promote sustainable and peaceful co-existence among communities residing in this region, Moyale. #lpi #snd #usaid
Pareciera que se está creando una guerrilla tipo ELN en los #Yungas con financiamiento de #EEUU y #SantaCruz y acaban de declararle la guerra a Bolivia entera. A vista y paciencia del Gobierno y sus ministros que no toman medidas contra #USAID #DEA #CIA que operan abiertamente
“Hemos tomado la decisión en los Yungas como exdirigentes. Vamos a hacer contrainteligencia, no nos responsabilizamos de cualquier policía vestido de civil que este en los Yungas, los vamos a detener y vamos a hacer justicia comunitaria”, Hernán Justo Zenteno, ex Adepcoca
Este evento fue posible gracias al apoyo de @usaid @cldp_doc @comprasrd “La libre competencia nos beneficia a todos”. #CompetenciaRD #Foro #ComprasRD #USAID
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Proper supply of needed equipment is key to preventing COVID-19 transmission. #USAID partnered with @IMC_Worldwide to provide nearly 12,000 items of protective equipment to local organization Caritas Jerusalem to ensure that staff & caregivers stay safe when caring for patients.
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With #USAID support, Tech2Peace brings together Palestinian & Israeli youth to #InnovateTogether, using high-tech & entrepreneurship as a common language for dialogue & conflict resolution. Working on joint star-up projects, the youth demonstrated a #NewReality for the region.
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Green Ideas, a women-owned & managed small plastic waste collection & recycling factory in Tulkarem, #WestBank, is getting #backtobusiness & bringing its operations back to full capacity, leading to increased revenue & new job creation with support from #USAID's SMART project.
El fascista independiente @EmilioAlvarezI que recibe sueldo del mercenario de la #USAID #ClaudioXGonzalez, pero él defiende su independencia! Todo un chiste el simulador de la "sociedad civil"
¿Y cómo se entiende al país en la mañanera? - Grupo Firme. - Belinda. - Rosa Icela organiza tianguis, - Palacio Nacional con vallas de tres metros. Cuatro años y nunca entendieron para qué ganaron.
The world still has a fresh memory of TPLF terrorist stealing, #UN #USAID & other aid supplier’s equipment.
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On September 9, the U.S. military—in support of USAID’s Disaster Assistance Response Team and the Gov. of Pakistan—commenced air operations, transporting relief supplies from USAID's Dubai warehouse to Pakistan, where they will be distributed by #USAID partners to affected areas
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13 CHPS Zones in the Nanton District covering 34 communities saw #CHMTs identifying #health #issues and developing #CHAPS considering the local resources available to help address them. #goodlife #goodlifegh #fhi360 #GHS #USAID #Norsaac @USAID @fhi360 @mohgovgh @_GHSofficial
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Cuando el DR-CAFTA se firmó, muchos sectores productivos necesitaban de una mano amiga que les asistiera. Conoce cómo ayudamos, junto a Jesús, a promover un sector agropecuario más fuerte, sostenible y productivo aquí. #USAIDDR #USAID #EmbajadaUSAenRD #USAIDat60