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#DYK VA uses #VirtualReality to improve pain management, physical assessment, mental health support and more for #Veterans? Learn how SimLEARN impacts Veteran health care through simulation and innovation: #DEAN_VA #VR
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Heaven help us if that's the case, Johnny. All #Veterans, head to the range, take friends and family, and refresh / sharpen your firing skills. Got Ammo? Not for those who sent the #ChineseSpyBalloon, but for those in the #USA who are in league w them, the Insider Threat.
Valmont is hiring in Mendota Heights, MN! Click the link in our bio to apply: Quality Inspector - 1st Shift #Veterans #DisabilityDiversity
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Goodnight patriots I hope everyone had a wonderful RED Friday just make sure y’all stay safe and warm in these frigid weather 🦅🦅🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #ActiveDuty #Veterans #BuddyChecksMatter
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The #PACTAct does not recognize most exposures found at Karshi-Khanabad Air Base in Uzbekistan, leaving out thousands of veterans. Read how DAV is fighting for them: #K2 #ToxicExposure #DAV #Veterans…
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Join forces with @bwforg and we can do great things together! By becoming one of our corporate partners, we can invest even more in our #veterans — and our local communities — to help them get the most out of their post-service lives. #GotYour6…
War, the destroyer of life, Bringing only pain and strife. Brothers fighting, sisters cry, As the world watches them die. #War #Conflict #Peace #Humanity #Freedom #Liberty #Justice #History #Remembrance #Veterans #Heroes #openai #AIart #digitalart #putin #ukraine #ai
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Grants will provide orgs the ability to hire case managers that help #veterans search for/obtain/successfully transition to permanent housing; overcome challenges/barriers to maintain permanent housing; & connect w/ other critical services.… #BestOfTheWeek
Want to land a job like "Maintenance Mechanic 1st/2nd Shift" at Valmont? Applicant tracking systems look for specific keywords. Use the right keywords and get your resume in front of the hiring manager. #Veterans #DisabilityDiversity
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Are you a Veteran or healthcare provider curious about some of the VA's new policies? Check out the link below for information regarding emergency medical care: • • • #TNVeterans #Tennessee #Veterans #VA