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Replying to @Jessicam6946
I will never forget that! He said so many horrible things as he mismanaged covid along with just about everything else. #NeverTrump #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons
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One of the biggest lies I’m sick of seeing in republicans political ads is them saying they care about Veterans, but all republicans vote against all bills that would help Veterans. They (republicans) DO NOT CARE ABOUT VETERANS AT ALL WHAT SO EVER #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons
your reminder that every Democrat believes that if Hunter Biden broke the law, he should be punished, and every Republican believes that Donald Trump should be above the law. any questions
BREAKING: The Colorado Secretary of State has ordered a mandatory recount of Lauren Boebert’s election as her margin of victory was within 0.5 percent. Who else would love it if she LOSES?
You don't have to be Black to abhor racism. You don't have to be a Woman to abhor misogyny. You don't have to be Jewish to abhor antisemitism. You don't have to be LGBTQ to abhor homohobia. You only need to be a caring human to abhor hate.
There's still time to make your voice heard and help turn out every voter possible. Join @VotersTomorrow for some phone/text banking below. Let's win this thing.…
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Replying to @Jim_Jordan
MAGA (NAZI) Republican Evangelical Christian Nationalists Party 🐘🇷🇺 #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons #CommitmentToAmerica Just a reminder, which party is afraid of the 1st Amendment.
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Replying to @GOP
MAGA (NAZI) Republican Evangelical Christian Nationalists Party 🐘🇷🇺 If MAGA is the party of 'Law & Order', then why did they let this murderer go free? Then celebrate him at the White House? #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons #CommitmentToAmerica #wtpBLUE
Replying to @SenateGOP
MAGA (NAZI) Republican Evangelical Christian Nationalists Party 🐘🇷🇺 #Gaslighting 🚩US Apprehensions by President 🚩Inflation Rates by Country 🚩Spending by President #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons #CommitmentToAmerica
WEDNESDAY DEMOCRATIC MEET UP! Make new friends and keep building the 🌊 blue wave🌊 to protect our democracy from the treasonous GQP ❤️ 🔄 💬 👣 to unite all democrats in this thread 👣👣 back to grow your voices #UnitedBlue2024 #BlueWave2024 #IndictTrumpNow
Only 36 days till the 2nd anniversary of “The worst attack on our Democracy since the Civil War”, and neither Traitor Trump nor any of his attempted coup accomplices have been indicted yet, not a single attorney, staff member, Congressman, or Senator! #IndictTrumpNow!🇺🇸
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We never hear Republicans bitch about the California border. We never hear Republicans bitch about the Canadian border. We never hear Republicans bitch abt the Thousands that fly here yearly and don't ever return. It's GOP and FOX Selective Outrage. #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons
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Common Sense Gun Laws are on the ballot "The US is the one advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun-safety laws." - President Obama #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons #wtpBLUE wtp1645
NEW: More than 260,000 jobs were created in November. That’s a total of 10.5 million jobs added since President Biden took office. 👏 👏 👏
Newt Gingrich just gave a warning to Republicans: don't underestimate Biden. They know that he is winning on all policy fronts and they are scared. Don't underestimate Dark Brandon or Uncle Joe or whatever you would like to call him. He is still a winner.
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Replying to @SenJohnKennedy
MAGA (NAZI) Republican Evangelical Christian Nationalists Party 🐘🇷🇺 #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons #CommitmentToAmerica Russian agents in US Congress working against American citizens. Senator John Kennedy, @SenJohnKennedy
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Replying to @ACTBrigitte
Brigitte Gabriel moved to America from Lebanon to organize a anti-Muslim organization, @ACTforAmerica basically a bigot Right-wing, far-right MAGA (NAZI) Republican Evangelical Christian hatred organization. #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons #CommitmentToAmerica