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‼️Erschütternd‼️Schweizer Rechtsanwalt Philipp Kruse über den geplanten globalen Pandemie-Vertrag der #WHO: Wie werden zukünftige "Pandemien" umgesetzt werden? Via
Doctor Who Worlds Apart, saving the world from being made into a NFT!… #WHO #NFT #DISCOUNTS #Ood
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Happening now: Following provincial consultation, National level Community & Civil Society Consultation for Global Cycle 7 Global Fund organized by #APLHIV in collaboration with #UNAIDS #WHO #INPUD
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Australia WHO is demanding the power to dictate Australia's health policy Mandatory Jabs Forced jabs for those who do not comply Lockdowns Camps Why do we have anything to do with WEF/WHO/UN & NATO when we did not vote for this?
Replying to @ThaWoodChipper
#AlfredKinsey sick demented manifesto has no business being the backbone of health focused curriculum. He molested male children #FACTS supported by the #UN, #PlannedParenthood, #WHO, etc. THIS is the genius thinking behind the indoctrination of our future. WE like it? NOPE
Gavin Newsom adopted a manifesto written by a sick and demented Alfred Kinsey. @GavinNewsom WHY would you adopt this curriculum?
#WHO 는 임신 12주이전의 경우 의사의 감독없이 여성 혼자 약물적 임신중지를 하는 것이 안전하다고 밝혔습니다. 또한 수혈이 필요한 정도의 심각한 출혈은 전체의 약 0.1%정도에 불과하며, 그 통증은 생리통과 유사합니다. 불완전유산의 확률역시 2%가 채 되지 않습니다. #낙태약 #임신중절 #임신거부
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Let’s be clear: people who struggle with #addiction are not “selfish” or “bad.” Addiction is a disorder of the brain. It’s a medical condition, just like heart disease or diabetes, and a #mentalhealth condition. First Mr Naseem needs to believe it. #WHO #EB152 @USinMaldives
Bilateral meeting held between Minister Ahmed Naseem and the Head of USA Delegation Ms Loyce Pace at #WHO #EB152, to discuss areas of further collaboration between 🇲🇻 and the 🇺🇸
A great song for the freedom fighters out there. Also a wake up call for those that are not, yet. @elonmusk @ntfcovid19ph #COVID19 #CovidVaccines @BillGates #WHO @WHO @wef
Hi @BillGates I wrote a song for you. Please RT!! #GatesBehindTheBars
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Maria Van Kerkhove, lead author of the #WHO’s February 2020 report advising the entire world to copy China’s lockdowns, urges more surveillance, sequencing, masking, and for “100% of individuals” who are over 60 or immunocompromised to be boosted for COVID. 💉☠️‼️
Global CCP Virus Vaccine Disaster Series Report-666 Gateway Pundit Posting on #GETTR#WHO Decides COVID-19 #Pandemic is Not Over #MilesGuo #TakeDowntheCCP #HimalayaOxfordVisionaryFarm #NFSC #HongKong #CCP #COVID #Vaccinesideeffects