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🪶♥️🙏😥 #ResidentialSchools #WeAreStillHere ⚖️🇨🇦
Thanks to @CTVNewsNorthern for covering my lecture on IRS denialism today at @AlgomaU, sponsored by @SRSC_archives @kristamccracken @bdouville. Tomorrow's lecture, on Lessons in Legitimacy and histories of schooling and colonialism, is at 7pm:….
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Won the 1st round game scoring in the 40’s. Then unleashed @archey10, scored 79 to get the W & we were blessed with JC’s all time presser. #wearestillhere
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📸 March 23, 2003 - Butler defeats Louisville to advance to the Sweet 16.
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(3) North America. She was courageous, strong and compassionate. Rest well, sis. You are missed 🖐🏾❤🏳️‍🌈🌺💐🌺💐🔥 #WomensHistoryMonth #IndigenousHistoryIsAmericanHistory #ListenToTheSisters #indigenousWriters #NativeTwitter #WeAreStillHere #LGBTQIALivesMatter
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Today my baby talked about our Cheyenne culture to 3 kindergarten classes in a mix of Spanish/English. He told them that Natives are still here & no mama isn’t Pocahontas, she’s a professor 😂 & then we all round danced. F* I’m so proud. How did I get so lucky? #wearestillhere
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We have been here before, bc when you are outside, those are Our Ancestors you see. That is what Our Creator left for us. Mitakuye O'yasin. ⚪🟡🔴⚫ #weareStillhere ✊🏽 #LandBack
Thinking of all those I love who beat drug addiction despite the fuckery of life. Espec Natives bc so many of us were told we're better off dead. But you see our ancestors were told that too. And yet #wearestillhere. You are worthy of a good life. Keep seeking the light.
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Remember this?? Yet alls we keep hearing now is how much the CWU understands the financial difficulties the company is facing bla bla bla. We deserve to be treated so much better than what we are at the minute!! #WeAreStillHere
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How nice it would be to see the Sámi flag as part of the Nordic community of peoples and nations. I always feel extremely excluded on the «Nordic Day»#sápmi #wearestillhere #equality #trust
Today on Nordic Day, we’d like to pay tribute to our neighbours in the Nordics🇦🇽🇩🇰🇫🇴🇫🇮🇬🇱🇮🇸🇳🇴🇸🇪 We have a lot in common (even our flags looks a lot alike 😉), and we are all built on values such as trust, democracy, equality, & freedom of speech. Have you ever been to the Nordics?