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Maybe #WolfOfSugoi anaandika Bible yake na huku mnamkashifu tu.
Ata sisi kama watu wa mlima tumesema HATUPANGINGWI #WOLFofSugoi #FlattenMtKenya #KenyaKwisha
RUTO goes to church lecturing people how he wields the monopoly of God but can't repent before God and the congregation on the burning of people and infants in Kiambaa Church. May the blood of these innocent souls never go for free. May the Almighty descend upon the #WolfOfSugoi.
The shortsightedness of the #WolfOfSugoi is not only visible national but also the wavelengths of international sphere.Empty and inadequate brain that wants to lead Kenya.
#WolfOfSugoi is out there lying for the whole world. Wholly ungrateful and disrespectful. SHAME!
#WolfOfSugoi dr. Kimwarer Double speak master can't avoid contradicting himself. #saganadeclaration Miguna miguna #JKLive
Replying to @paulinenjoroge
Hii Chama cha UDAku na UDAnganyifu kuna wivu sana. Using wheelbarrow, explain how a thief can turn around an economy full of debt created by the same thief? Use Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Meanwhile Baba the 5th, Peter Kenneth #AzimioMtaaniMuranga #RedMeetsBlue #WolfOfSugoi
Ruto can't face men face to face... he will go for your wife while you are away... we don't know whatever he is doing with them... ask Atwoli #WolfOfSugoi Baba the #5
Reading 'Uhuru is Weakening RAO.' and other short stories. One love #WolfOfSugoi #AzimioLaUmoja
Dear Mr President Uhuru Kenyatta, As You’re Preparing To Spill Beans About Your Deputy President William Ruto, Please Also Do Us A Favour And Spill The Beans About KEMSA LOOTERS Not Forgetting About The 2B Being Stolen Daily As Well. Don’t Take Sides Thank You. #WolfOfSugoi
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baaas you see i told hawa wajinga whom are against our Kingpin (President Kenyatta )watashangaa watarukwa ,With Finance and Security dockets gone ,Mt.Kenya agents in UDA have nothing to celebrate .#WolfOfSugoi
The rate at which ANC MPs are defecting to #AzimioLaUmoja, Musalia Mudavadi and his Malalah might be left with a party certificate only. #KimwarerMeetsGoldenberg #EarthquakeInBungoma #WolfOfSugoi
Waiguru left baba in hope to woo the only rich hustler in the badlands through catwalks into considering her as the DP. She has further advised the #wolfofsugoi to consider a female candidate. Wolves like soft prey 😅😅#EarthquakeInBungoma
Even with a thousand rallies per second,the #wolfofsugoi will not be president of this country. Take this to the farmland you won't blame because I will not be responsible for your loss.
#wolfofsugoi is sprouting lies all over Malava town saying 2million handouts isn't a huge amount yet he still endear himself to gullible voters as hustler.