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بچه ی متولد ۸۸ در سن ۱۳ سالگی زایمان کرده یعنی تو‌ ۱۲ سالگی باردارشده. و اما پزشکی که لبخند زنان از کیفیت لگن مادر میگوید و جنایت #کودک_همسری و #کودک_مادری را عادی سازی و رمانتیزه میکند. از غم کدوم کودک بمیرم؟ Stop #childmarriag #WomenLifeFreedom
ایران را نابود کنید.
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A belated happy Nawrooz to all my Iranian family and friends. This video is such a gorgeous depiction of the Iran I know and love. As a dual-national, I don't know whether it will feel safe to visit again in my lifetime. I hope so. #WomenLifeFreedom
Open air feasts, stunning #architecture & settings in Iran. Clip by Hobopeeba #PersianFood #travel #IranStyle🌺🌞🧿
What a strong lady! Brave, brave, brave.. #WomenLifeFreedom #IranianWomen #IranianGirls
الهه توکلیان، معترضی که در جریان اعترضات از ناحیه چشم آسیب دیده است و در ایتالیا تحت درمان قرار گرفته است در گفتگویی اختصاصی با شبکه منوتو از روند درمانی خود گفت.
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الهه توکلیان، معترضی که یک چشم او بر اثر اصابت گلوله ماموران حکومتی مجروح شده، ویدیویی از خود پیش از عمل جراحی منتشر کرده و کسانی را که در برابر ظلم سکوت می‌کنند، خائن می‌نامد. او برای خارج کردن گلوله از سرش در بیمارستانی در ایتالیا بستری است
Replying to @manototv
شاهزاده رضا پهلوی، گامی برای گدای بیشتر مستند سفر حج عمره شاهزاده رضا پهلوی با مادرجونشون پنجشنبه ۱۰ فروردین ساعت ۲۲ از تلویزیون نه منو نه تو @NazaninBoniadi @ksadjadpour @farzinkadkhodae @LalinBaloch9333 @Tannaz1313 @Javanmardi75 @PahlaviReza #WomenLifeFreedom #MahsaAmini
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#AidaRostami was a dedicated GP who treated injured protesters. She was kidnapped and killed by the Islamic Republic forces. Never forgive nor forget. #MahsaAmini #WomenLifeFreedom #IRGCterrorists #نه_به_جمهوري_اسلامي…
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Replying to @chelseahartisme
Rep Judy Chu please co-sponsor HR589. Mahsa Act #MAHSAAct @RepJudyChu @maileplan Ms Plan thank you for meeting us on zoom today. ☮️ #WomenLifeFreedom #IranRevolution #RezaPahlavi #IRGCterrorists #MEKterrorists
Replying to @washdems
Are you supporting Iranian women who as young as 8 years old & younger are sacrificing their lives for freedom? #WomenLifeFreedom #MahsaAmini revolution mean anything to you?Supporting the #MAHSAAct?You care about Iranian girls’ mass poisoning by @khamenei_ir & girls raped by IR?…
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The @UN_HRC will vote on a highly critical report by the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran next month. It details serious human rights violations in the context of #WomenLifeFreedom protests following #MahsaAmini’s death.
Listening to a @WhiteHouseGPC briefing on women's programs & leadership with @rvogelstein @ShelleyGspan @JKlein46 There's a strong commitment of @POTUS to protect & lift women. Democracy requires full participation of women economically, politically, morally. #WomenLifeFreedom
I DANCE with you young ladies!!! 🥺🙏🏼❤️💪🏼 #WomenLifeFreedom
Today is the Persian New Year! I am celebrating my new year by acknowledging the brave, courageous, strong, fierce women of Iran! Today I celebrate you & am thinking of my Family stuck in Iran with a regime that is killing it's citizens over "religious" laws. #womenlifefreedom
They can’t breathe!👇🏼 But member states refuse to act decisively. When will you finally treat #IRGCterrorists for what they are? Iran’s women and girls lead the resistance. They will not be silenced. #WomenLifeFreedom #MahsaAmini #JinaAmini #SaveIranianSchoolgirls 💚🤍❤️
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EU slapped new sanctions on Islamic Republic 🇮🇷 officials. Especially those who propagate hate against women and girls. That’s good. 👍🏼 But how many times do we have to ask: ✊ Sanction Khamenei ✊ List #IRGCterrorists as terrorists 🇪🇺 #WomenLifeFreedom 💚🤍❤️
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#AfganKadınlarlaDayanışmaya #WomenLifeFreedom Queen of Sheba She resembles the image of a woman, whom I encounter in my fears, a woman I might have become if I had never left Afghanistan #MondoDiVersi Parwana Fayyaz #QuarantaNomi @AguaplanoLibri ©️via afgan_women on IG
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