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Truly slutservices #youredone
Nobody: @slugservices to @NaytroX100 : "hows your meat" Truly slutservices
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My sister just forgot my birthday… #youredone
Tell her hell nah. Deal with it like Texas & Arizona has BEEN doing for the past 18 months. #youredone
BREAKING REPORT: Washington, DC Mayor Asks US Military for 90 DAYS OF HELP With Illegal Immigrants...
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Treason and Espionage #GoodnightDonald #oMAGATears 😆 treason calls for the death penalty, at least 5 years in prison, or anything in between. #YoureDone #ThatsAllFolks
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Look,SpewANonQueen someone on the inside turned on him. Perhaps take your aluminum pointy hat off and switch from Fox News for a minute. Pot calling the kettle black!🙄 TAKE #AlexJones with you #youredone #TrumpIsGuilty #TheEnd #ByeFelicia #youliterallymakezerosense #justgo
My toddler just scissor kicked me in the throat..#youredone
I have my dad the remote when he got home from work/“union meeting” , bc he usually has some car show to watch.. the mf’r has turned it on Married With children … seriously bruh 😐 #youredone
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Good luck beating him and Max In the playoffs. #Youredone
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; Kicks you into the trash and throws you into the ocean and drowns you #slay #youredone #takethel #ugly
The 2010s will be remembered as the decade within which gender ideology ran amok and had its fun. The 2020s will be remembered as the decade within which gender ideology was ripped out by the root for ruining so many lives. It's only 2022 and already underway. You're done.
SHE might not have ruled it out but AMERICANS HAVE. #WASHEDUP #YOUREDONE #RINOCRAT
learned from @fauci and @birx — anytime they are involved; I will always be anti-whatever-they-offer. #youredone @ Texas…
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Really??? I'm thinking millions who experienced job loss would disagree with your stupid*** statement, Lauren #youredone