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Hi, wrga bgor here!
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After all @-LFI recently ferried him to apartheid Israel as an atrocity tourist to see inequality, racism, brutal occupation and ethnic cleansing in occupied East Jerusalem, the Capital City of Palestine.
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Mau bgt aku🥲
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not all LFI là quand même!! on est nombreux à pas arrêter de gueuler sur la gestion callamiteuse de ct'nième affaire et de la réaction dégueulasse de plein de militants. On est pas prêt de se taire ni de sauver le Q.
All LFI militants read from the same script, Austin is a zealot little Zion.
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All lfi, none of em.
Y'a des alliances qu'on n'attend pas quand même... 😅 (J'ai hésité à mettre "LFI / FN / Gilets Jaunes" mais je craignait les "not all LFI" et autres, donc au final j'ai juste mis des noms de ceux qui étaient effectivement dans la manifs. L'intégrité !😬)…
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Very different since it's not an allegation of election rigging - and all LFI MPs and most New Labour ones spent more time attacking Corbyn than the tories did. And Corbyn has never expressed prejudice against any religious or ethnic group
I know it from having been inside it for 3 years. Have you not been paying any attention at all? LFI? JLM? BICOM? Hodge? Akehurst? Any of these names/acronyms mean anything to you?
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Not sure the Israeli State is as popular inside the Labour Party as you are suggesting. You would know this if you were still inside.