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Ooh #bipolar doors
London calling! Enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw for your chance to win a beautiful town house in Islington plus £100k.
Is must have been like this, exactly like this should be - ten time bigger #Schizophrenia #Psychosis #Bipolar #Cannabis #Marijuana #Autism
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Could it be #bipolar? Or could it be cyclothymia – a less severe type of #bipolar as explained in this article in the @TheSun? Take the Mood Disorder Questionnaire on our website today.…
Robowinder, no mad springophone, is girl that pretty fifty four years old, wherever i may #champane #Schizophrenia #Psychosis #Bipolar #Cannabis #Marijuana #Autism
🔖Highly Cited Paper in 2022 📌"Ion Transport and Process of Water Dissociation in Electromembrane System with Bipolar Membrane: Modelling of Symmetrical Case" by Stanislav Melnikov. #bipolar #water #kinetics #pyrolysis #silica #hydrogen 👉Read via
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Every night before bed, I open the same bottles to gather my crazy pills. 😁 I remember feeling like my life was over after being diagnosed #Bipolar. But through a lot of support, I chose medication and therapy. What can I say, these babies saved my life. #MentalHealthMatters
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#bipolar #depression Aufstehen. Der schwierigste Punkt auf der heutigen To Do Liste.
Y'all I have dropped, spilled, and broken so much stuff in the past week that I am ready to just throw everything in the floor and stomp on it just to get it over with. New #bipolar meds added to my #ADHD and #depression meds so maybe that's it. I can still remember things tho!!
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🇰🇪 "My family believes God will work it out. I am afraid to tell them, it may take more than that." Filmmaker Noella Luka shares her deeply personal story of living with #bipolar disorder in #Kenya, where the issue of mental health is often a taboo. #BBCAfricaEye
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Emotional deregulation is a common theme when #hormones are out of whack or you have a hormonal sensitivity. Find out more in I Blame The Hormones book, link in my bio. #PMS #PMDD #PND #menopause #HRT #trauma #PME #depression #puberty #anxiety #bipolar