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What’s the problem in your life @justvoot you haven’t uploaded 3rd October episode of @BiggBoss @ColorsTV people will start #boycotting you it’s request upload the new episode on time
@uidaho womans bodys are NOT your business. #fascist #boycott #boycotting
Dear @omraut , where you seen our Lord Shri Rama has sharp moustache which make him look angry all time or in attitude. Did #Prabhas make justice with his role? I am totally #Boycotting your movie just because of your wrong character portrayal. #OmRaut #Adipurush #AdipurushTeaser
OK, that's it. As for #gislainemaxwell's #EpsteinClientList (+ etc. etc. etc.) being released to the public so I can stop #boycotting #twitter every single day --I'm just gonna stop tweeting about it. Still gonna keep #boycotting #twitter until they get released, tho.
Not the #Adipurush , it is what #Bollywood is being tried to imbibe the national mood of polarisation. It is more of #boycotting the khans of bollywood #SaifAliKhan #ShahRukhKhan𓀠 #SalmanKhan𓃵 #AamirKhan
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We should be #boycotting these states and I live in one - don’t come here - done move here -you and your family are NOT safe here
Am I the only one who feels like abortion is falling by the wayside. I have friends, who are liberal, planning trips where abortion is banned. No companies or festivals have pulled out of states like Texas, W Va, or Florida. And Repubs are ahead by double digits in some states.
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Random question. Does boycotting a business/product have benefits? Why or why not? #askingforafriend #thoughts #boycotting
Still no Any Action On This App? #boycotting Good Is Best Way I Think.@Google @GoogleIndia @GooglePlay
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That's not the experience we want you to have, Rohit. We'd like to chat further about this. Could you follow us & let us know when you have, so we can reach out over DM?
👆Can't thing beyond Female=Gem=Object #Metaphors & #Similes seem to go way over the heads of many #GenZ #Woke #Liberal #Feminists. I guess many are failing #English bcos they are busy #boycotting #School #Universities for the latest '#Activism' scorepoint. #Education #Teachers
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Sadly I can’t endure being talked down to by the presenter some dub as #ToryLaura so am #Boycotting this once iconic @BBCPolitics #TV slot until they bring in an ‘unbiased’ and less irritating presenter.
These tweet were better than no tweets, but imagine if you fuckballs publicly released #gislainemaxwell's #EpsteinClientList (+ etc. etc. etc.) and I wasn't forced to keep #boycotting #twitter every day. ...coulda been so much better...
Remember the original #Sharmaji was also called #Khayyam and would not have survived in the current environment of #bhakts #boycotting everything in sight. @Paperclip_In do a thread on the wonderful Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi and the #sharmajivarmaji combo
@Uber_India @UberINSupport #boycotting uber from now on. Yesterday booked a uber. The driver profile not matching with car. I canceled it. Booked uber Auto. Driver came to destination. Refused to go. Was drunk. Cancellation fees charged by uber. Missed my train. Shivam Aggarwal
Same! Completely worthless spend of hard earned money for their completely worthless business. Imbis na intindihin yung anak na may karamdaman kuda pa ng kuda! Saka di ka ba aware that #boycotting is a legitimate democratic rights? OO nga pala utak Iglesya ni Manalo nga pala yan!
Not Ed Sheeran in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet??! No one asked for this!!! #Boycotting