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Everyone and their mother better share this video with everyone. Idgaf if u steal it & don’t credit me just spread it around cos what we’re not gonna do is sweep bull under a rug. #rhobh #RHOBHMeanGirls #RHONY #rhoa #RHUGT #rhugt3 #rhug2 Erika #bravo Dorit Kyle #RHONJ
Genius... #bravo 👏👏👏 Well sais Sir..
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A beautiful new song from the most talented and promising young classical vocalist of India @snitimishra - kin bairan kaan bhare... #Bravo #Strumm #sniti
Football ⚽️ at its best #ManCity #bravo #unreal day for a neutral watching #DramaAlert
.@FlashpointWCNC ended with @Bentnews giving a shout-out to Charlotteans who are making a difference in Ukraine! #Bravo
Lè se yon Ayisyen parèy ou ki kòmante rezònman oubyen zèv ou (an prive / piblik), depi se pa #Bravo li bat pou ou, ou pran l kòm lènmi. Lè etranje ki petèt lènmi w la kritike n an prive, ou pote l sou plas piblik ak kè kontan, ou fyè paske #Blan ap pale de ou. #EsklavajChanjeFòm
Finally met my Warhammer heroes and I wasn't disappointed. Oz scene should be proud to be represented by such legit gents #bravo and thanks for 2 tense but enjoyable games!
We got smashed by @EnglandAoS1. Got capped in the final round of the tournament. Still very proud of the guys. They all done amazingly. Thanks for everyone’s support back home we tried our best
Also an issue in Belgium. Other top treatment modalities such as radiotherapy suffer from this unbalanced reimbursement @GestelDirk @CharlienBerghen @KatoRans #estro #bestro #bravo #radiationoncology
#nobelprize winnerJames Allison: ‘The #cost of some #cancerdrugs is crazy. There’s no relationship to the cost of making the drug anymore’ | Science & Tech | EL PAÍS English Edition…
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बालेन भन्दा ठूलो झड्का त #साम्पाङले पो दिएछन त ठूला दललाई बिना सेलिब्रिटी फिगर, न अघिपछि लाग्ने कुनै दस्ता, जम्मा यौटा अटोमा माईकिङ गरेर टोलटोलमा आफ्ना कुरा राखेर पैसा र पावर बिना नै मेयर पद जित्नु सानो कुरा हैन र अर्को कुरा धरानबासी जनता काठमाडौ भन्दा धेरै बुद्धिमानी रैछन #Bravo
You know the expression: "speaking truth to power"? That’s this video 100%! #Bravo @ErikaLougheed!
Some post debate & election thoughts from Lake Nipissing 🛶🌧🧡
I love you my sister.❤️👏🏽 #Bravo #Onelove #Somalia #Somaliland
I am done discussing this topic, but I will make one last comment. First, everyone from Somalia did not commit the Isaaq genocide. To say our girls can’t marry any Somali is bigotry! Let’s treat people as individuals. Hablahow, guursada cidaad doonaysan (Muslim) and love S/land.
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70,000 pounds of infant formula are arriving in the United States today and will be coming to shelves as soon as possible. We’re working to get safe formula to every family who needs it.
#Bravo #BEST is best!
Mumbai public transporter @myBESTBus gets its first lady bus driver. Read details here:…