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Replying to @iainmartin1
That departure from the IEM as a result of your #Brexit is working out well Iain...
Alan Gray retweeted
An EU member country accuses EU Commission of “blatant lying” as the cracks in the empire widen into chasms. Is the EU’s “solidarity and unity” now a thing of the past? Your #Brexit summary is here:…
frances bulwer #Still European #RejoinEU🇪🇺 retweeted
The circle is closed, the Bruges Group (and Blue Labour) like the cut of the jib of Claire Ainsley, the Hard #Brexit true believer who has been Sir Keir Starmer KC's chief policy adviser since he appointed her on his becoming Labour leader ... #C4News…
Replying to @DavidGHFrost @FT
Listen, David, sometimes you've just got to say stuff in pure Anglo-Saxon and #Brexit was a bl**dy stupid act of self-harm (as you yourself used to know before you took the coin to say otherwise). MINUS 4% GDP MINUS 15% trade MASSIVE reputational damage #BrexitWasStupidStuff
John Graddon, middle of nowhere, France.🌻🌻 retweeted
The Tories keep saying the #CostOfLivingCrisis is down to Ukraine and Covid. But Ukraine and Covid effects all countries. Brexit hits the UK. Never trust a Tory story. #ToriesOut144 #SunakOut34 #Brexit #GeneralElectionNow
Dame Cecile 🇪🇺🇫🇷🇬🇧🌱🐝🕷💙💫 retweeted
Replying to @john4brexit
There is NO DEFENCE of #brexit! - its a shambles - it was lies from the start - the liars must now be brought to account
Here you go all on this thread - from #SMR - a little Christmas #Brexit protest present 😊💖🎄🎅
NEW: @16MillionRising is back with our BIGGEST show of the year! The 40 BEST Anti Brexit tunes of 2022 as voted for by you! 🎤 It's FREE! 👉 🎧 Like it? We REALLY need your help! 🙋‍♂️ If you can, please donate or subscribe here 👉 🎧
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the painter flynn retweeted
A British man, who was deported from Denmark under post #Brexit rules, has claimed he never received an initial warning from authorities -…
Ouch. #Brexit was a disaster. I'm not even looking forward to #ReesMogg #Truss et al trying to respin it. @BBCr4today you need to do better. #GTTO
Someone's let the BBC off the leash on Brexit at last... So much devastating truth in this Newsnight report into the weakness of our post-EU trade deals, put into impeccably sourced (and depressing) context. Long may such plain-speaking continue!
#Brexit is destroying Britain! It’s way past time to get back in the European market asap. Brexit was like having a heart attack for our trade and economy and the only cure is undoing it!
Following criticism of the UK-Australia trade deal - what state is Britain's post-Brexit economy in? #Newsnight's Economics Editor @BenChu_ examines the contribution of existing & upcoming trade deals to GDP & how they compare with the EU 🎥👇
Geoff Skinner retweeted
Keir Starmer hands gift to Tories as he rules out return of FOM. “freedom of movement is a red line for me. It was part of the deal of being in the EU but since we left I’ve been clear it won’t come back under my government.” #Brexit @euromove…
SamtheWelsh🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🔶 retweeted
We fully support @LeedsEurope in their campaign to have a public enquiry into the damage of Brexit. The damage that Brexit caused has not been properly debated. The public deserve to know how Brexit has affected the UK #Brexit…
The EU doing a bang up job diminishing the food supply even further and Dutch PM Mark Rutte doing a bang up job bending over for them Netherlands to close up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU rules…
Is this one of the 'fantastic benefits' of #Brexit, @mimsdavies? What will your #Sussex constituents think when going on holiday? Any thoughts @midsussex_times?
Exclusive Frontier checks for British travellers to Europe next summer could take 4x longer than now. Reason: the UK asked to be treated as a "3rd country" after Brexit so subject to the fingerprinting and face biometric checks of the new Entry Exit System…