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Kristen Bombay retweeted
The Ford gov't has just passed #Bill23, despite massive protests. It's not just the sprawl, it's not just the pollution, it's the #corruption. And the outright lying and promise-breaking. Voters will not be able to trust anything these folks say. It ain't over.
@SCGreenbelt response to the passing of Bill 23. We’re here for long term change and hope you’ll join us in creating the future we want.…
Replying to @duncan_colton
It's another sham election. When will the US citizens have enough of getting scammed? People must like #corruption?
Replying to @TheMagaKing
Because they are the paid actors for the democrats. Not one dem condemned the riots and assaults on police. They are behind it all. #Corruption #SorosMoney #BLMTrash #ANTIFATrash #Racist #HomeGrownTerrorist
WTF!!! You can put all of ours in your own kids/grandkids or whoever has the disgrace to belong to your family, pass as I will keep@passing for eternity!! Period. #corruption
Canada's Health Minister urges for anyone 6 months of age and older to get their COVID booster and flu shot.
M.S.M. America First retweeted
🩸He's calling out... #CORRUPTION 👇🎯👇Listen to this!🩸
🚨 STOP what you are doing and WATCH this. This is the BEST explanation of Maricopa County Election-Day Disaster you will ever watch. 🚨
noodle retweeted
#ontario should be up in arms about this massive #taxpayer subsidy to already lucrative residential developments and extremely wealthy #developers. The #greenbelt sell-off is such obvious #corruption that this developer fee hand out is not getting much attention #Bill23 #onpoli
"obvious that developers are in the driver’s seat of the province’s housing push, to the benefit of their bottom lines — and the Ford government is stepping on the gas, no matter what the consequences."… via @torontostar
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Victim of abuse says Sol Campbell is right – black fans should stay at home #Racism #CORRUPTION #HumanRights
Check out this article from 2012 about the nazis in ukraine…
Replying to @ericswalwell
How hard is it to denounce #Communism and #MoneyLaundering ...or #corruption? Look who's talking! Pot calling the kettle black.