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Terrorismo a mezzo stampa. Dovrebbe essere un delitto. #covidiocracy
E tra questi tanti giovani. Se in principio ero giustamente per la libertà di scelta, oggi non sono più tollerante: finché esistono tali individui potranno farci di tutto. #covidiocracy #draghistan #ipocondriaci #bastamascherine
A Roma fanno 35 gradi all’ombra eppure molti girano per strada con la FFP2. È per questo che possono farci di tutto.
Si ricomincia. Cala l’Ucraina, risale il Covid. Un classico. #covidiocracy
April 2021 my dad admitted to ⁦@UCLAHealth⁩ ⁦@dgsomucla⁩ for sepsis & died 2 months later. Tried to visit fully vaxxed, masked & not sick but they sent security to arrest me b/c my mom had visited earlier. One less chance to see my dad alive. One of many COVID crimes.
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Tell me you're a moronic RW grifter with no understanding of how vaccines work without telling me you're a conspiracy moron pandering to an even more moronic audience. #Idiocracy #Covidiocracy #Covidiots
And let me guess… they were vaxxinated??? Lol… Yop #meaningless #vaxxidentals #covidiocracy
#well we tried things happen I send you all peace and love and thank you to all the people Who came to the shows peace and love everybody😎 ✌️🌟❤️🎶🎼🥦🌈🍒☮️
Dr. Theresa Tam is warning Canadians that the COVID pandemic will continue into 2023.