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International dsinformation network/culture wars and insurgents in Canada
🧵Canadian Truckers, a case study on how the International Covid Disinformation Network operates to distort political debate and radicalise with the aim of destabilising democracies. It's a cross border project
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#Dsinformation but 2 pennies for a cute photo of @POTUS
Replying to @Tex_2A
Cheers everyone 😂
I don’t know Democrats spread dsinformation constantly. it is a problem
Oh yeah, Baby, you know it. We so bad@$$ that Francy has a wolf/dog. If she turns him lose...he gonna b!te her in her d!sinformation!
Replying to @RebelNewsOnline
The biggest source of mis/disinformation in Canada is combatting mis/dsinformation with Europe 🤡 🤦‍♂️ Id like the opportunity to decide for myself what mis/disinformation is, and its everything CBC reports!! Who even watches CBC anymore? Theyre just spreaders of Liberal propaganda
I get that you’re eager to drag ppl into your paranoia and *dsinformation bubble but I’m not interested. Thank you anyway
Properties in this form of ice could set off icequakes on frozen ocean moons like Europa.
It's kind of hard to check the source. Maybe I shouldn't have shared it but with the amount of dsinformation the Cons put out, the damage they are doing to our democracy as well as the very real chance they might win the upcoming elections by these lies, I fail to feel too bad.
Food for thought. READ this about the Frank guy who ‘predicted’ the Turkey earthquake using planetary geometry. I didn’t want to say anything so I’m glad you did. Very dsinformation, Russian, MAGA, Q network to me. Props to @been_wild I’m on the same page. #turkey #earthquake
Ok I have to address the @hogrbe guy that supposedly predicted the earthquake bc this can spiral out of control quickly and a tragedy deserves better than this… So this guy and his research group predicted the earthquake 2 days ago I was sad to see he uses Kremlin blocklists
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Replying to @RepJeffries
Another dsinformation comment lie from a lefty 🙄 🙄 🙄… FAKE NEWS. Can you let me talk to whomever you're polling. Your sources. Blatant dsinformation. Do you want polite losing to China with sleepy hiden joe. NO! We need a bold leader of action. REAGAN STAR WARS. And mean tweets! He leads every poll
Replying to @MrMontero888888
Talo pero DSINFORMATION pa rin ang lumalabas sa NGUSO nya hahaha..may poot at galit pa sa kanyang nag-iisang puso hahaha.
Otot mo,move on kana,talagang hindi ka gusto ng nakakaraming kababayan mo,dsinformation ka jan... talagang napakasama mo galing mismo sa kaibuturan ng puso mo,may halong paghihiganti at poot sa dibdib,ganyan po ba ang may pinag-aralan...isang taon na po madumb leni.
Replying to @ChuckCallesto
Sounds like Russian dsinformation
Replying to @MichaelJStern1
The Russian dsinformation was just that
Actually, there is no Intelliegence committee. It's actually Dsinformation to the Unintelligent committee.
Replying to @Thom_Hartmann
Exactly. Remind those reporters that in our government the power of the purse is vested in the Executive. And if they show you some ancient document that says otherwise tell them their document has all the hallmarks of Russian Dsinformation.
Er Braucht sich nur die Karten anschauen & wenn Er @Wikipedia so vergöttert für seine Dsinformation, dann kann er sogar im Kartenmaterial von #Wikipedia nachschauen...