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If @RepMTG and @laurenboebert can be in Congress, why can't #stormydaniels? She's smarter than both of them. #DanielsforCongress would love to see her take down @JimJordan.
The choice is clear! Vote for @ShamaineDaniels on November 8th. #DanielsForCongress
ICYMI here is the link to my debate with Scott Perry. Thanks again to @Owens_abc27 for hosting!…
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Exciting news!! I will be facing-off against @PatriotsPerry with host @Owens_abc27 We are taping the segment on Sept 26th. Stay tuned for more information on when and where it will air!
@dccc you have a lot of nerve texting me asking me for money when you’ve done nothing to help @ShamaineDaniels beat Scott Perry in PA 10! #DanielsForCongress
Busy day 🥳 Morning meeting with the York Dem Women! Thank you so much your support 🫶 Now we are knocking doors 🚪 in North York! #higginsforpasenate #danielsforcongress #teamfetterman #shapiroforgovernor
@ShamaineDaniels will represent ALL the residents of PA 10 and not just follow conspiracy theories of deep pocket right wing donors like Scott Perry. #RepresentationMatters #DanielsForCongress #2022 #ShowUpNov8
Vote Scott Perry out of office | PennLive letters…
I just sent a donation to #DanielsForCongress. @ShamaineDaniels is running against #ScottPerry. A friend of mine, Ann, recently died.We used to commiserate with each other over our respective Congressmen. Hers was Madison Cawthorn & mine is Scott Perry. /1
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You've probably heard a lot about my opponent, insurrectionist #ScottPerry. I'm the attorney, mom, and city councilwoman who's running to replace him, and I need your help. Chip in today to help us fire Scott Perry!…
Replying to @TeddyDanielsTV
Teddy Daniels hits every point that I have with DC today. Especially with that spineless guy in the Oval Office. Sadly I know that these cowards will do everything in their means to make Teddy go away. I for one wish him every success!!! #DanielsforCongress
I fought & bled there. Thanks for turning everything back over to them Joe! Disgrace
Replying to @bennyjohnson
Shit! 80% of this thread is made of FAKE ACCOUNTS! Why? Because this #DanielsForCongress is a PSYCHOPATH AND HE KNOWS IT! Sad when losers gotta’ be their own friends and supporters.