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The Highland Park shooter saw how Republicans glorified Kyle Rittenhouse's actions.
Holy crap. Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) said she would shoot her own grandchildren to oppose a gun safety reform bill that would keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them. (h/t @RyanShead)
Don't let the outrage of this distract you from the obvious @GOP public safety policy failure. It wasn't cowardice. The cop hesitated, even on the grounds of an Elementary School, & didn't shoot because carrying that weapon is legal in Texas. #ItsTheGOPStupid #DeathCult
A Texas police officer had the Uvalde gunman in his sights but never fired a shot, a new report on the mass killing says.
The HOROR!!!! Babies born alive! Today's @TheDemocrats are a #DeathCult
Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren: “We need to put a stop” to crisis pregnancy centers “right now.”
Democrats are a #DeathCult #ncpol
Governor Cooper will be joined by Planned Parenthood leaders and women’s health advocates today as he takes executive action to protect women’s reproductive health in NC.
Did she just say Democrats want to take away her right to shoot her own grandchildren? Someone may want to check on #debbielesko's family. #GOPDomesticTerrorists #deathcult #GOPGunsOverPeople
Congratulations if you had “I would shoot my own grandchildren” on your bingo card this week for insane things said by Republicans in Congress.
It’s beyond heartbreaking, beyond infuriating. It’s soul-crushing, for me personally, for that family, and for the nation. The fealty of the GOP and the SCOTUS to the NRA has created a #DeathCult that holds this nation in its claws.
I can’t stop thinking about 2-year-old Aiden McCarthy who lost both his parents in the span of a minute because some politicians value weapons of war more than people’s lives.
It’s a #DeathCult
Why does this SCOTUS interpret the Constitution so broadly when it comes to guns and so narrowly when it comes to things the ideologues on the court dislike? Asking on behalf of the dead and wounded.
Been an awful lot of Republicans talking about killing their kids and grandkids the last few days. These are some deeply disturbed people.
This woman is sick. We are ALL pro-choice. Abortion is a choice. Birth is a choice. Adoption is a choice. Contraception is a choice. @SenWarren thinks every woman should make the choice to kill heir unborn. She doesn’t want them to know about the other choices. #DeathCult
Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren: “We need to put a stop” to crisis pregnancy centers “right now.”
Who else thinks the NRA needs to be held LIABLE for mass shootings? ✋
Someone from his family turned him in on the past saying he was going to kill everyone. The police confiscated 16 knives, sword and a dagger. So the problem is that this guy was not flagged and was able to purchase guns.
. NO. Both parties in #Congress do not give a damn how many deaths there are due to #GunViolence. It's a #DuopolyScam & both the @DNC & @RNC are responsible for this #DeathCult Voting either major party WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. .
482 days ago we passed background checks and for 482 days mcconnell republicans have blocked them.
Republican personality #cult/#deathCult indifference to gun violence isn't a surprise, because as long as they keep getting the dark money from gun manufacturers, they didn't give a fuck about how many die as a result of the continuing mass slaughter…