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Why did Bill Gates & Fauci deny science & ban hydroxychloroquine in America when it HCQ was: 1) proven successful worldwide for treating early stages covid 2) been in use for 65 years 3) readily available & inexpensive. #criminals #evil @BillGates
Liars Liars Liars ... oh, what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive. #evil #deception #twintowers #nineeleven #iraq #NoToZionism #afghanistan #palestine #USSLiberty
#OnThisDay in 2003, US Secretary of State Colin Powell lied to the UN Security Council about Iraq's 'weapons of mass destruction' to make a case for the US invasion. His unfounded claims and assertions resulted in the loss of over 1,000,000 Iraqi lives.
#sick #pedo #abusive #pervert #gross #evil #childabuse #sexualabuse #abuse #liberals Is this what they include in their definition of progressive? 🤮😡
Liberal Professor Defends Wanting to Have Sex With a 12-Year-Old
The #mainstreammedia is a very #shameless bunch and it has to be people like us to expose the #evil of the #CCP constantly.
Old clip but my pun game is off the charts😏#ResidentEvil #Resident #Evil
#Truth: When we as #Christians become convinced that only we know the #truth, that anyone who opposes us is on the side of #evil, and things will only get better if we are in charge, that's when we know we are no longer worshiping #God. We're worshipping ourselves. #SundaySermon
Push her off like she’s pushing BC citizens to our deaths. How this has gone this far is indicative of a completely dysfunctional society that would elevate the most unethical to star status. #tRumpian #Evil #Libertarian #SpawnOfMengele
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If Meghan can visit Gordon Getty FREQUENTLY at the Beverly Hills Hotel why can’t she visit her own FATHER who is ill? What a nasty person #MeghanMarkle is! #Evil #Greedy #golddigger
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#Auschwitz was the triumph of #evil against #love and #innocence. Let's preserve the #memory of its #victims and try to act and think in such a way that similar horrors will never happen again!
19 January 1940 | A Hungarian Jewish girl, Sarolta Grünwald (pictured left), was born in Csongrad. In June 1944 she was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber. She was 4 years old. Her two years older brother Sandor was killed with her.