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The Triangle took nearly 100 years to become a popular orchestral instrument. #factsonly #facts #factsonly #FactsMatter #readthefactz #readthefacts #FactsNotFear #truth #history #latestfacts #factsormyths
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So the US death toll from the vaccines -- in a single year -- was >5x the number of men who died in 10 years of combat in Viet Nam. And the vast majority of Americans don't even know about it. #FactsNotFear #RightSideOfHistory
🚨🚨Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report: Estimated Human Cost: ✅26.6 million Injuries ✅1.36 million Disabilities ✅300k excess deaths Estimated Economic Cost: Total: $147.8 Billion ✅Injuries: $89.9 billion ✅Disabilities: $52.2 billion ✅Excess Deaths: $5.6 Billion
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Thank you @BrianLenzkes! I am so grateful that your mayor was willing to listen to both SCIENCE and REASON and acted in the best interest of local children and their families! 🙏🙏🙏 #FactsNotFear #RightSideOfHistory
I was just thinking about how great it was that @DrKellyVictory gave her opinion to keep our local middle school open & @MayorBillWells agreed: Net result: 0 Deaths, 0 hospital admissions, 0 drug overdoses in that school to date. They received tons of hate from the "experts"
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Replying to @DrKellyVictory
Thank you for having the courage to stand up to the attacks at a time where it was nearly impossible to be heard or to make an impact. Your expertise was greatly appreciated and allowed the schools to remain open while many others closed. Huge positive impacts on the kids.
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It’s Thursday — And that means I’ll be joining my friend, John Rush, on @rushtoreason, with updates on all things Covid, plus some thoughts on the recent mass shooting in #Nashville. Plan to tune in at 3:00pm MT on KLZ560, Denver. #FactsNotFear #RightSideOfHistory
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Looking forward to joining @ShawnNeedham2 this morning to talk about the pandemic, the public health response and Big Pharma’s role in the debacle! #FactsNotFear #RightSideOfHistory
🎉 Excited to chat w Dr Kelly Victory, recently on @AskDrDrew about why it's dangerous to let Big Pharma control the narrative surrounding Medical Ed Our new Podcast page! 8:30a PST / 11:30 EST tomorrow 👉 #medicaleducation #BigPharma #healthfreedom
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YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE TO KNOW ANYTHING. You are god the creator of your life. One consciousness is a vision because you can see it and there is no need in believing in it because its a fact you can see if you choose too see it and only then will you see it! #FactsNotFear
In yourself you are insecure, the world around you is catastrophic, and you want assurance of continuity, and therefore you want to identify yourself with what you call God.