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Throwing short of the sticks on 3rd/4th down. #FireCanada
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Probably…because they have an offensive coordinator that doesn’t rely on the 3 yard dump as the game plan and actually has a vertical passing game #firecanada
If he’s open for business, #FireCanada is back in effect
Chiefs’ OC Eric Bieniemy is expected to soon meet with HC Andy Reid to determine whether his future is in Kansas City, sources say.…
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Bad choice. #firecanada
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#FireCanada. Stupid decision by the Organization... This is why we haven't won a playoff game since 2016 because the owner has settled with subpar OCs these past few years and we had a subpar dc in Butler . And Coach T was fine with it...
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One thing that can take away some of the pain...#FireCanada
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Now we need to get a real OC #FireCanada
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That's true but cant hire from within all the time. If Teryl gets it then I hope he actually does something good as DC... we haven't a good DC for a very long time. And we need a good OC too. #FireCanada
Saw some great tweets from @KevinAdams26 & @Girlsurgeon (as per usual) they got me thinking. Do I love the idea of Matt Canada coming back as OC? Absolutely not. I still say we need to #FireCanada But IF he’s back, then he’s our guy I hope like hell he does well. (1/3)
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College OC .. 4.1 average .. A+ bro .. #firecanada
Hey @steelers Twitter Canada isn’t going anywhere. Get used to it for the next season. #firecanada #Steelers
This hacked off arms will still sing #firecanada