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He's always loved the indigenous. #FreeWill #pfizercarditis #ChillaChilla
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Too bad Jada got that boy by the collar. #freewill 😂
Excellent description of free will. Or our impression of free will… #consciousness #freewill
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. ovids Over. This was how it was done before the car. #GodBlessAmerica #America #American #FreeWill
God makes every choice and each choice will come to pass in the fullness of time. However, christians and religion end the movie too early before God completes His work. Why? Because of their belief in the false concept of human #freewill. via @YouTube
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Until it's proven beyond reasonable doubt that any mRNA or the resultant spike protein CANNOT remain with donated blood, then every concerned global citizen should insist on jab free blood, and fight tooth and nail for it #BabyWill @_FreeNZ @voices_nz #freechoice #freeWill
Quantum immortality is like a chess game. It has rules, and is designed. All possible moves are pre determined, but you still get to choose what comes next in your game. #quantum #freewill
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bikin aja #freewill
The mystery of reality has been uncovered! Follow this ant's journey as she discovers the truth. Read the full story & enjoy this oil painting which captures its essence. #reality #truth #philosophy #freeWill #God #antJourney #oilpaintings #UGKrishnamurti
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We, Sapiens, are animals! About self-determination (#FreeWill), it has to be thought in a system of relations and (co)dependences determined by a program of life/death in a multidimensional Cosmos. Any choices are conditioned by the "to be", the "to must be" and the "to survive."
Do #Animals Have #FreeWill? #HelenSteward argues that in thinking about free will, it is essential to consider the capacities of animals.
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Our minds are programmable. Who is programming you? #mindcontrol #thebrainisprogrammable #FreeWill
Everything that is going to happen, will happen. But the way you respond to it, brings you the the next destined thing meant for you! To know more, #JoinLive with Gurujee Signup here: #freewill #destiny #divination #readings #predictions #MLDivSummit22