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The rise of inflation is not because of workers, but because of the greedy profiteers Full article 👇:… #inflation #greed
💙Archduke Bert Dove#GTTO#FBPE#YNWA retweeted
Their wealth is made from the extortion of the masses. We suffer so they can prosper. #CostOfLivingCrisis #Greed
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Building…🛠️ Don’t miss out. Giving away 1 Greed Avatar NFT. Like, RT, & tag someone you want to play with! 72 hrs🔔⏰ #GREED #P2E #Solana #NFTs #DeFi #GameFi #NFTCommunity
Time for everyone to put their books on the table: who's raking in the unconscionable #profits? Let's take a deeper look at the global #agricultural supply chain & the's not like anyone is paying to clean up pollution! @LoblawsON @JustinTrudeau #loblaws #greed
Unti unti nang dumadating ang KARMA. Nakuha sa pangmadalian, ganun din kabilis mawala! #Greed #Power #Selfishness Eto lang meron ang may ari ng station nato. I must say deserve nila ang KARMA.
Ultra bilyonaryo Manny Villar has pulled the plug on ALLTV’s anchor television programs just five months after their soft launch on the 65th birthday of President Bongbong Marcos. #BilyonaryoFeatures…
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@thejointchiro corporate BS. They do not care about people and actual healthcare. #disgusting #greed
Ilene to the LEFT 🌻 retweeted
LIBRE Initiative encourages residents to speak out against energy bill increases… #KochNetwork deflects blame for high #utility bills to the #Colorado PUC. It's easy to blame faceless government officials for increasing rates instead of corporate #GREED.
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A #Voice, OK its a start ... but to #Listen? to Act? to accept #responsibility by people in a #money-driven society who have not done so in the past & no obligation to do so now or in the future! #Aboriginal people, #FirstNations #auspol #business #greed #MoneyTalks #terranullius
This is more important than politics. Let’s get it done.
I use to be a longtime loyal customer of @StubHub until they ripped me off and no one at the company cares to correct it. #greed @TeamStubHub
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#American, #Squatters want to own a home? Them houses are all over the place sitting #Empty from #Greed... If they only had a list, after a while it could be yours!
Replying to @ReallyAmerican1
The term "Socialism" only applies to lower and middle class Americans who need a helping hand, the "feeders" as Paul Ryan so lovingly referred to them as. Wealthy Americans on the other hand are entitled to take everything and anything they want because #Greed
Die Märkte stehen vor der nächsten Abkühlung, der Fear-and-Greed-Index zeigt bereits auf "Extreme Gier". Große Trading-Abteilungen dürften sich kurzfristig auf der Short-Seite positionieren. Ich halte mich mit Nachkäufen aktuell zurück. #greed #StockMarket #sp500 #dax #short
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#DailyStream: We got a lot of eat-the-rich movies in 2022, but the similar 2020 flick #Greed was sadly overlooked, an early victim of our awful pandemic. Steve Coogan is searing as a British retail magnate/rich asshole who gets what he deserves. On @PrimeVideo @primevideouk
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Shell makes a record profit, exploiting the earth while benefiting from the war in Ukraine. Here are two cartoons I did last year. #Shell #profit #greed
Exploding trees due to record cold temperatures? Life on Earth was not designed for the #ClimateCrisis . Of course other life will always evolve but that probably leaves humans out of the future scenario unless we are able to circumvent #Greed…