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Sometimes it never seems like the hand sanding will be over! Soon it will be! It is always fun to come across a song from high school and rock out to it! #KHDailyKnives #Handsanding Watch
I have been hand sanding for what feels like forever on #Magnacut! I have been keeping after it and I am so glad I am using my sanding sticks. There is a link to them in my bio. #KHDailyKnives #SandingSticks #Handsanding
You guys are awesome! The #SandingBuddyMicro has far exceeded the supply I printed up before posting, which is AWESOME! So glad to help other makers with a helpful tool. #KHDailyKnives #3dprinting #Handsanding
The one thing they never mention when starting this hobby is the amount of hours you spend doing this. #Handsanding #knifemaking
Glad to have these 4 all ground to 600 grit on the disk. Now comes a dreaded part for most makers. #Handsanding the blades. Why do custom knives cost so much? Look at the second picture to see how much abrasive I used to this point on these 4 blades. …