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مجاہد retweeted
Do not divide yourselves as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and christian. First of all, you are a human being. #Love all respect all. #Spirituality without boundaries has been introduced by HDE Gohar Shahi|Sufi Master Younus AlGohar #Humanity #RamadanKareem
Shobha bhalla retweeted
Noticing a young girl crying on the road, inspector Souvik Chakraborty helped her reach the examination hall on time, restoring our faith in #humanity. A salute to this #reallifehero ! #HeroesOfHumanity #GoodDeeds #Inspiration #Policeman #Kolkata
Muhammad Abdullah Qadri retweeted
Everywhere man is confronted with fate, with the chance of achieving something through his own suffering. By Viktor E. Frankl and Harold S. Kushner #humanity #Will
Pranya Arora retweeted
दिल्ली पुलिस पॉडकास्ट #किस्सा_खाकी_का के इस अंक में सुनिए, हैड कांस्टेबल रोशन के साहस की कहानी, जिन्होंने त्वरित कार्रवाई कर न सिर्फ बैंक लूटने से बचाया बल्कि अपने सूझबूझ के बूते लुटेरे को गिरफ्तार भी कर लिया। #DPPodcast @vartikananda
#Photos.. #Turkey's #Gaziantep 🇹🇷 welcomes #Ramadan with collective #Iftar meals..⏬️ #Humanity #turkiye
Join the ration campaign with MALC in securing food assistance to the ones in need. Donate generously #Preciouslivesawaityourzakat #Zakat #ramadan #ramadankareem #ramadanmubarak #blessings #humanity #Helpthoseinneed #DrRuthPfau #Blessing
Lauren Clayton retweeted
Replying to @C4Dispatches
Using staff that have little or no training to save money only escalates the problem, at least train the staff in @studioIII My heart is breaking watching this program. I believe the people in charge have lost their humanity @NHSEngland #AutismAwareness #HumanRights #humanity
"MSF Ramadan Ration Packing Center", where MSF Team is packing the ration boxes for upcoming distribution across Pakistan. اِس ماہِ نور، مسکراہٹیں بھرپور ! JOIN us in our journey of spreading SMILES FOR HUMANITY. #RamadanRation #RationSupport #Humanity #MSF_ReliefEfforts
IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina retweeted
Thanks to @IOMBiH for joining @ckfbih @RedCrossBH campaign #NotAlone #NisteSame that is dedicated to support women and girls affected by earthquake in Türkiye. All collected items will be donated to Turkish @RedCrescent in the next humanitarian convoy. #Humanity
Immensely proud of our @UNmigration 🇧🇦 staff who joined forces to support @ckfbih campaign #NotAlone #NisteSame. Hygiene packages for women and girls in Türkiye and Syria will soon reach those most in need and make a meaningful difference in these very difficult times.
Alinur Mohamed Ali retweeted
Humanitarian Organisations are looking for Consultants! For more information, click here-… #logistics #supplychain #consultant #humanity #relief
HIŴET🦋ዓጋማዊት🌗💜 retweeted
Talk about #Humanity 💔 When we see some getting help it brightens our hearts yet when we noticed the help is only one side and some part of humanity are being forgotten #TigrayGenocide in #Tigray is still happening #Justice4Tigray #CallItAGenocide #NoToHate
Where is the Humanity? Let us never forget… Children in #Tigray face famine 😢😢😢
Well said by @DocAhmadMalik!! Absolutely worth the read. The divisiveness must & needs to stop. People need to realise that we're actually not different at all. We're all part of the human race, we are all human. It's as simple as that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #humanity #human #humanrace
I was born in Scotland in 1975 Yes it's true I experienced some name calling, dirty Paki, nigger, a few times in the 80s But guess what? If I was a red head, I might have been called a ginger If I was a Catholic, I would have been called a Fenian bastard at least once
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AI's impact depends on our decisions. As we integrate it into our lives, let's remember that humanity drives technology. Will we use it for good or perpetuate bias? The future is in our hands - let's steer AI towards a path that benefits everyone. #AI #Humanity #Future