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Why is a highly trained driver clipping curbs with VP #KamalaHarris in the car?! Secret Service needs to throughly vetted from top to bottom. This really feels like a dry run scenario. 🤔
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So glad to see AP Reuters and fact checkers are there to wipe #KamalaHarris A$$ You ppl are pathetic!
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FEMA administrator vows to help ‘everybody’ after VP Harris’s hurricane relief comments… #Hurricane #HurricaneIan #FEMA #KamalaHarris #equity
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🔗… Para ampliar esta y otras informaciones pulsa el enlace que aparece en la descripción de nuestro perfil. #kamalaharris #washingtondc #washington #casablanca #accidente #quintoelemento
Opinion | The #GOP #KamalaHarris gotcha moment is actually a self-own. FEMA’s focus on restoring properties to wholeness but not people to wholeness has the effect of benefiting property owners & causing those who don’t own property to fall further behind.…
Oh this scares the hell out of me. I’m already worried about Trump calling for political violence, thinking about J6-type crazies, but it rarely hits me that the crazies are also CALLING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE. #SecretService #thursdaymorning #KamalaHarris #VPHarris
Secret Service got into a 1-car accident while VP Harris was in the vehicle They lied about what happened & called it a “mechanical failure” They deleted all their Jan 6 texts which still haven’t been recovered Cheney calls them unforthcoming USSS must be purged of Trumpists
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@RoyalCarribean continues to allow @RickDElia to use their stage to satirize transgenderism, call @VP #KamalaHarris STUPID, and use SHOOTING SOMEONE as a punchline of his set. What is so funny about tricking your passengers into participating in [not so] subtle hatred?
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Cruise Director Clo did take time this morning to hear our concerns and has promised to discuss with her superiors. She was not responsible for hiring D’Elia and says she was not aware of the content of his performance in advance
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Kamala Harris being involved in a crash symbolizes the Biden/Harris administration as a whole. #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris #ThursdayThoughts
The controversy shouldn't be about @VP comments on Hurricane Ian. It should be about her interviewer, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a known supporter of Modi and #Hindutva masquerading as an HR advocate. Why was she chosen to do this fireside chat? #Ian #KamalaHarris
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