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Liverpool burnt all my tickets. Are they in crisis or it only applies to some teams/managers? #MediaBias
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Absolutely. Conte is Mourinho 2.0 but due the #mediabias, he gets no criticism. Same football, but it's now acceptable b/c they're 'defensively sound' and have a 'better mentality'馃か. Euphemisms for parking the bus馃檮!
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Said it when he got the job, he plays the exact same football as Mourinho, but the #media likes him more, so they accept it馃か. Go back and watch highlights under Mourinho, the media coverage, what the pundits said, compared to now! Conte is just Mourinho 2.0 #ARSTOT #mediabias
Funny detail: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' press secretary @BryanDGriffin told HuffPo reporter @SVDate that he could watch governor's press conferences on the gov's @rumblevideo channel. (Image is Bryan's.) Rumble is the Sarasota-based YouTube competitor affiliated with @dbongino.
So I wanted to know how #EnoughIsEnough was doing media wise, and it seems nobody at the BBC, The Guardian or The Times have opted to front page it. Glad to hear that Kwarteng has 'legendary self-confidence' though.
The crisis is in the media. Each time propaganda is exposed it erodes confidence in the media. Viewing figures for BBCQT have plummeted. 3.5 million at its peak, down to circa 800,000.
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What all of them ?... are just a couple of trust fund kids ? #mediabias
Media diversity is critical to our democracy. This week I moved a motion for a judicial inquiry in the House. Thank you to those who spoke up. We may not all agree on the methodology, but we agree there鈥檚 a problem. I won鈥檛 be shutting up. #auspol
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Green media types straining to link #HurricaneIan with #climatechange aren't following the science; they're exploiting the event for sensationalist and political ends:鈥 #climatecult #mediabias #media #copolitics #science #climatealarmism
#ScumMedia So these are now the people manipulating power in the UK.? They treat the British public with contempt, attacking government with lies and propaganda, they are activists with Socialist and Marxist agendas #MediaBias #MediaLies #BrokenBritain
The media made #MichaelVick, villain number 1 for dog fighting and he goes to jail for 18 months. Now, the media is trying to sweep this scandal under the rug, that #BrettFavre was stealing money from the poor people of Mississippi? 馃う馃従鈥嶁檪 #BrettFavreWelfareQueen #MediaBias