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Lance Dyer 〓〓 retweeted
Wow! @patcullen9 on #Peston absolutely brilliant interview - if you haven’t seen it - watch it. @theRCN #nurses dispute will have v strong public support & rightly so. Tories have grown waiting lists to 7m & are asking NHS to make £12bn in savings.
.@Peston: You haven’t seen him in the last three weeks? @patcullen9: Absolutely not. @theRCN’s @patcullen9 pleads for the Health Secretary to negotiate with her over potential nurse strikes. #Peston
It’s been over 5 years since I recovered from stage 4 cancer. Luckily for me, I’m an idiot. I didn’t comprehend what that meant, & still don’t . Everyday I think about who saved my life:nurses. For 9 months they tried to kill me & heal me by injecting poison. #fuckcancer #nurses
That Hideous Strength retweeted
Thé #NHS #Doctors & #nurses are murdering our children. They must be held to account for their #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Fact highly skilled & consistently caring #Nurses can earn more in #Retail is an utter disgrace. If that's not damning indictment of Tory #Health Secretaries over last 12 yrs, then what is? #Recruitment & #Retention is ongoing unsolved problem #Peston #Newsnight #PoliticsLive
Adrian Jones retweeted
Victory to the #nurses as they embark on industrial action next month! Join the twitterstorm on 9 Dec 7-9pm in solidarity and support! @EquityUK @POAUnion @nautilusint @NurseSayNO @nhscambridge @michellelincoln @GeoffLange2 @green_mac @SandyMartung @SUTRPortsmouth @BtonHoveSUTR
Oh yeah, hashtag #ER #ED #MondayMadness 😜#nurses will get this. I'm not a medical professional, but I appreciate them. #nonsense
WTF of the day. Joined a fb support group for chronic pain and someone said "I feel so judged going to the ER, I'm never going back there unless I'm dying or think I am." 👀 Ummm, I think that's the point of the emergency room? Group was filled with that so I noped outta there.
Canonsburg Hospital an AHN Facility in Canonsburg, PA is hiring Graduate Nurses, Multiple Opportunities! #Nursing #Nurses @Highmark
Andy Morgan retweeted
#Train drivers, #nurses, postal workers, & #teachers all would prefer to work than strike. Govt chaos has meant Ministers simply haven’t got a grip. Patients, children and travelling public deserve better. #torychaos #strikes
The closing date for the Mary Seacole Leadership Programme is this Friday, 2 Dec! A fantastic opportunity for #nurses, #midwives & #healthvisitors who work to improve health inequalities, esp in minority ethnic communities. Get your applications to us here