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Tony Smalldridge retweeted
Pence thinks he has a chance of #POTUS ?! Uh, that's a hard no.
Laura Bush (Parody) 🦅🇺🇸🎄 retweeted
Some colorized images from US #History - a 🧵 32nd #POTUS Franklin Roosevelt 🇺🇸 and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill 🇬🇧 at the Casablanca Conference (1943)
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Why isn’t the #Trump antisemitic #NickFuentes drama a perfect opportunity for a reelected senator to save @GOP ? Why can’t @marcorubio stand up and look like the #hero? It’s the only way he ever becomes #potus & good for #usa
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Replying to @POTUS
#potus #janetyellen #elonmust The objective of government - published in J of Finance 1989) - is to minimize cost of governance, but not for profit (by government or by those who make decisions). This is the basis of "optimal bank foreclosure" rule adopted as law (FDICIA 1991).
It’s true what the headline says, but this article from 2018 takes us on a nightmarish walk down memory lane! We must NEVER FORGET the horror of having Trump as #POTUS and we must NEVER let it happen again!…
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I absolutely agree. It’s silliness. Being the #POTUS is serious business. These are not serious people.
Crooked Ferrett retweeted
"Washington and Israel have signed an agreement that would see the US come to assist Israel with missile defense in times of war and the two militaries have held numerous joint air defense in recent years." #Israel #Iran #MiddleEast #POTUS…
Dear #Everyone #Everywhere CC @NBCNews @CBSNews @ABC @CNN @MSNBC @FoxNews @OANN @BreitbartNews As I've stated, I'm running for #POTUS #FOREVER. So I personally have no use for any of the @TheDemocrats, @GOP, #celebrity, #athlete or other #candidates. To them, I say #WHATEVER!
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Should a Democratic Government hide from public (classify) any document or analysis it used to adopt a public policy like take-over of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and sweeping all their profits (equity) meant for shareholders? #potus #FederalReserve #Janetyellen #fhfa #ELONMUSK
Experts, top regulators and finance industry honchos testified before US Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission that the 2008 crisis was an act of God ("Invisible Hand"), but FCIC concluded in its report of 2011 that the "testifiers" caused the crisis! How? #POTUS #ELONMUSK
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Baby Koala KC retweeted
Congressman Millard Fillmore 🇺🇸 chaired the House Ways and Means Committee. Among his activities was increasing tariffs to protect American businesses from foreign competition and also passing a bill to raise money to help Samuel Morse develop the telegraph #POTUS 💰
Travis Neliton retweeted
Per WHY pool: #POTUS motorcade reached the White House at 4:23 pm and came to a halt on the South Lawn at 4:24 pm. The president and the First Lady entered the White House followed by Hunter Biden, Beau Biden and Melissa Cohen at 4:26 pm.