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The terms of service when you download an app. You will someday regret giving up every ounce of privacy. #PrivacyIsFreedom
How surprising, Apple allegedly not willing for users to be secure in their privacy. #privacyisfreedom
Apple Sued for Allegedly Deceiving Users With Privacy Settings After Gizmodo Story
Take back your privacy #PrivacyIsFreedom
Mass surveillance just gets creepier. After collecting the data of over 260 million Americans, the company then proceeded to assign them "violation" and "concern" scores, which were then used to target individuals with campaign ads…
Another round of executive departures hit the crypto industry Tuesday, the latest sign that the fallout from this year’s steep drop in prices has yet to run its course
Bitcoiners are going to have a lot of explaining to do once the fed catch up with them, They should have used Monero! #monero #xmr #endthefed #taxationistheft #privacy #privacycoins #privacymatters #privacyisfreedom #soundmoney #fungibility Credit:
#M87 will go from $4m MCAP to $1b MCAP before anyone realizes.. the funny thing is.. actually getting more than double than that MCAP due to the fabulous tokenomics intertwined in price - I urge you to avoid fading this masterpiece project. #1000x #1000xgem #privacyisfreedom
I ♥ the fact those who enter the crypto scene eventually become full blown privacy advocates (cypherpunks) & longevity supporters. #PrivacyIsFreedom #privacyIsNormal
Wen tornadoes on the SDN list? #PrivacyIsFreedom
I've seen rhetoric this week regarding crypto privacy but few proposed solutions. FIP-2 for Auditable Privacy-Preserving Assets is one proposed solution for @Findora. A first-of-its-kind feature that allows asset issuers to view transaction history while preserving user privacy.
Please share this far and wide #privacyisfreedom #Religion #MONEY
Replying to @zooko
But the #WEF, the #FED, the #IMF, the #IBS and every #CentralBanks think differently and they want to create a new "normal", where.. You will own nothing (neither #privacy and you will be happy. #Bitcoin fixes this #privacyisnormal #PeopleBanBanks 🚫🏦