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Clapton Blues 💙 London E5 retweeted
Totally deluded, the lot of them, so the country suffers these embarrassing fools, sacrificed on the altar of their egos and ideological intransigence. #r4today #westminsterhour
Liz Truss believes she’s a genuis. Johnson believes he’s loved by the public. Rishi Sunak believes we like him. Steve Barclay believes we will turn on nurses. Grant Shapps believes he can out smart Mick Lynch. Braverman believes she can be PM WHAT A FUCKING TIME TO BE ALIVE!
Rory Mackay #snpira ❌ QFD retweeted
Replying to @MrAndyNgo
Shocking video of 2 boys on a school bus taking turns to viciously beat a small 9yr old girl Unfortunately for the staff of BBC she has the wrong skin colour.. so the story is no use to BBC NEWS BBC MUST GO. #defundthebbc #r4today #bbcbreakfast
davidsylva05 retweeted
Don't whatever you do miss this ↓ (few bits of bad language but in a very good cause). #Headliners #GBNews #TalkTV #TimesRadio #lbc #r4today #skynews #BBCNews #BBCaq #BBCqt #BBCLauraK #PBSNewshour #NPR #cspan #BBCWorld #Reuters #AP #CNN #NBCNews #CBSNews #ABCNews
If you're part of today's woke revolution, you need to study the part of revolutions where they spin out of control.
Sandra Pennington retweeted
Does Lizzy Truss know 4,000 words? Sounds iffy to me. 🙄🤔🤔 #r4today #wato #bbcpm #bbcwt #westminsterhour
💥And she’s back… Liz Truss blames a “powerful economic establishment” for her downfall in 4,000 word essay…
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Graham Bailey 🇺🇦 retweeted
If Nick Timothy’s proposals to withdraw from the #ECHR, on the false premise of needing to deal with illegal immigrants, doesn’t scare you, then you don’t understand the rights that you will lose #r4today
The National debt when the Conservatives took over was £845bn, today it is £2,600bn they have tripled debt to provide austerity and death.
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MaryJoCrawford retweeted
#SkyNews Camilla Turner ‘Boris Johnson has been presenting himself as this statesman on the world stage’ #Laughable More like Worzel Gummidge pictured here with Aunt Sally #ridge #bbclaurak #r4today
Replying to @PaulBrandITV
Truss is shameless Takes £115k pa for the rest of her life. After 44 *days* in post But refused to help #Waspi #50swomen state pension age raised 6 yrs across 4.5 birth years. After 40 *years* at work #r4today #Ridge #BBCLauraK…
Hear that, @bbcnews? No talks, let alone the 'constructive talks' the government keeps saying. #strikes #westminsterhour #r4today
Categorically there have been no conversations on pay whatsoever with @RishiSunak or @SteveBarclay about this dispute in any way, shape, or form. They dance round their handbag, dance round the edges, but they will not talk about pay.…
Dead right ↓ Who is ready to cut what urgently needs cutting? Ben Harris-Quinney & who else? Step up, we need to know who the good guys are so we know who to back. #scrapHS2 #scrapNetZero #Headliners #GBNews #TalkTV #TimesRadio #lbc #r4today #BBCaq #BBCqt #BBCLauraK #LizTruss
The idea that Liz Truss is some radical anti-establishment figure is ludicrous Her economic strategy failed because she was unwilling to cut a sacred cow like net zero, HS2 or international aid & kept up the unsustainable cycle of borrowing & spending that needs to be broken.
Chris Ryder retweeted
#r4today - Suank ‘the U.K. must leave the ECHR’. Why? Brexit/EU has nothing to do with ECHR. The ECHR was launched by the Council of Europe and older than the EU. 19 of the 46 member states of the COE are not members of the EU. BBC silence on this and reducing people’s rights!
If and when ever challenged on this would the PM just say, as he did re his jet flights, that he needed to get about the country quickly blah blah? Could be just determined to get some PM benefits when he can but this puts him on even dodgier ground with the unions. #r4today
Rishi Sunak thought to have spent thousands on helicopter trips since becoming Prime Minister…
. Now it seems Deputy PM Dominic Raab isn't just a bully but a racist bully... Rishi Sunak needs to sack him ASAP - better still we need a #GeneralElectionN0W! #R4Today #BBCBreakfast #BBCAQ #ToriesOut212 .