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The target is you. If you have conservative or christian values, your an enemy of the state. #RoeVWade #crossroads
🚨 One of the pro-life leaders targeted by Biden's DOJ sent me footage of the early morning FBI raid on his family home. Paul Vaughn was placed in handcuffs by armed FBI agents in front of his children just before school drop-off. Watch as his wife pleads for answers mid-arrest:
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"If you believe in “ensoulment” at conception, you should not get an abortion, because to do so is a sin within your religion. If you do not so believe, you should not—under the Constitution—be bound by the religious beliefs of others." #RoeVWade
Replying to @ZhiZhuWeb
"Not everyone shares such a [religious] belief. But all, it appears, now risk being subjected to laws formulated by those who do. That which is a sin within a certain set of religious beliefs is to be made a crime for all." #SeparateChurchAndState…
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For #hematologists and patients with #hematologic conditions, lack of #abortion access can complicate a multitude of circumstances. Has the overturn of #RoeVWade affected how your patients are making decisions about their condition or treatment in regard to #reproductive #health?
69% Yes
31% No
13 votes • 6 days
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House Republicans were given the chance to codify #RoeVWade – 99% of them voted no.
I am very sad listening to Swan upon Leda. The world is still opressive to women and all the weaker. Thank you @Hozier for making us so aware of that, we cannot forget it #IranProtests2022 #mashaamani #swanuponleda #RoeVWade @UpdatesHozier @HoziersGuitars
This line from @Trevornoah really sums up the week: “You’re fine with abortion if you need to win a Senate race, but you’re not fine with a woman needing it to save her own life.”…
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The recent US Supreme Court ruling striking down #RoeVWade has sparked country-wide protests. We want to know: do you think this will impact abortion access here in Canada? #SupremeCourt #RoeVsWade
15% Yes
85% No
73 votes • Final results
Women will make this decision in November. #RoevemberIsComing #RoeVWade #AbortionIsHealthcare #AbortionRights
Wow. This is an actual quote from GOP Rep John Curtis of #UT03, re: passing legislation to restrict abortion: “I wish, as a man, I didn’t have to make this decision. I wish women could make this decision.” 🤯 Make him super famous. #utpol
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If anyone is in need of a medical abortion, you can go to to get abortion pills, for free also if you're not able to pay. And they will now ship them to you even if you're not pregnant so you can have them just in case. #RoeVWade #prochoice #RoeVsWade
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60+ years since a criminal siege of Cuba began: democratic backsliding stateside, #ROEvWADE trashed. In Cuba a historic democratic process enshrines same sex marriage & reproductive rights in the constitution. History will vindicate the Cuban revolution.
Today, the Cuban people voted to adopt the most progressive Family Code in the world. Over 66% of voters approved an amendment to the constitution that legally redefines what it means to be a family, putting an emphasis on love, human dignity, equality and non-discrimination.
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