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Bom dia ✌️ Viva o #S olto #T eu ladrão #F acilmente É só pagar bem 💵💵💵
STF pode suspender pagamento de multas de acordos de leniência de empresas da Lava Jato…
*Your No. 1 Radio Station for NuDisco, Deep & Soulful House* #NowPlaying Romain Villeroy - Thrilling Nights (Original Mix) #Soultrackradio #NuDisco #DeepHouse #SoulfulHouse #s #internetradio #radio #music #radioshow #podcast #dj #newmusic #interview…
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No le enseñes a quien no sabe 3 krjs de #s, @DianerysC
Agreed the tweet deserved a "read the room" but this is precisely why Republicans keep winning even tho by the #s they lose They take every advantage while we resign @ every woke boo boo Gov @katiehobbs press secretary resigns after controversial tweet…
リッターのチャージ速度を下げるのとチャージキープ時間短縮or廃止はまだですか?🙄 #スプラトゥーン3 #S platoon3
[おしらせ] 明日3月31日(金)10時より、『スプラトゥーン3』の更新データVer.3.1.0を配信いたします。 詳しい更新内容は下記のページをご覧ください。…
打扰了,请问有人看到我老婆吗 #四爱 #第四爱 #s
55% of you were correct! NYC saw a decline of at least 120k, and Hudson County saw a decline as well. Don't have the precise #s yet, but we'll get them today. Jersey City will probably see a decline when the place-level estimates come out too; inconceivable if you've been here.
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I remember the time very well, every day we were waking up to trending #s even some of the discourse was picked up by K-pop tabloids🥹🥹that comeback we were in manti h3ll. It’s really sad because JITB is such a great album. Jhope really showed off his artistry with it
Oh no! Well, genius... gang activity is usually self reported OR reported through acquaintance... so it‘s likely that it's still gant related. And further proves your misunderstanding of the categories and how the #s add up. 🤷
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I never believed Obama's Twitter followers #s.
Just wait until the MSM starts hurtling their hit pieces about him if/when he declares he's running.If you notice the NYC DA has decided to put the "crime"of the hush $ payment on hold bc the Dems know it'll only increase Trump's #s.
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Y'all. Please understand: You've just saved @TexasObserver staff from imminent crisis. The Observer itself is *not saved yet*. #s aren't 100% sure but we have maybe 2 months in that GoFundMe. If you're in this to rly try to save the place, keep giving!…
Y'all! In response to the @TexasObserver staff's fundraiser, layoffs *have been averted*. Y'all did this. I'm gonna fricking cry.…
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骚逼快来舔舔爸爸 #伪S #m #s #锁
My Strategy today SPX: Major Pivot Point is 4030-isch. If we open above 4030 and stay above we can hit 4090 with 4110 in extention. If we open below 4030 and stay below we can hit 4006 and 3980 in extention. Mostlikely I will be on the BULL side in the AM....then adjust...#S&P500……