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Gn, PSA courtesy of @stellabelle. Billie Holliday piece is special. #LadyDay (google it / her if you aren鈥檛 familiar) Popping up with some @cryptostellas #strangefruit to say gn It鈥檚 all love frenz 鉁岋笍
Replying to @CPHO_Canada
Be forewarned when you drop the soap.#strangefruit
@CrystalTheDoll_ had me sad as shit after watching #Strangefruit & #Faithful on @Tubi she is an amazing actress 馃А
@Tylerperry's #thejazzmansblues on #Netflix needs to come with a trigger warning because that ending was like, whoa! I wasn't ready! #strangefruit
@tylerperry we did NOT need to see a black man swinging from a tree in 2022. #StrangeFruit
Every family has a 鈥淏ayou vs. Willie Earl鈥 Dilemma! Family betrayal cuts deep, especially when unexpected. #FloridaBasketballBulletin #StrangeFruit #AJazzmansBlues
Trigger time #MAGA: these three #BLM, despite the fact that their white 鈥榝riends鈥 gesturing for #whitePower, do not consider them to be human beings. You can鈥檛 fix this level of #trumpcult Beyond tragic. Remembering #StrangeFruit #whitesupremacy #KKK
White attendees at 鈥淏lacks For Trump鈥 hold up the white power symbol.
New York City鈥檚 public housing authority discovered traces of arsenic in the tap water at one of its biggest developments in Manhattan *two weeks ago* Residents found out *last night* when Mayor Eric Adams showed up to hand out water bottles鈥
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@CBSBigBrother @kyle QUIT TALKING DORK! Before you know it this k8d is going to appollogize for being white (that means soros & comunism win) NOT REALLY. Just means he's 2nd guessing himself when we all know he shouldn't. We know yer a good kid not thinking about #strangefruit
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