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Rumours on twitter that some Tory MPs were bullied into taking a photo of their ballot on Monday. If this is true, the @SirGrahamBrady is certainly within his rights to investigate & void Monday鈥檚 vote if it is shown to be the case #ConfidenceVote #JohnsonOut #JohnsonOutNow
@SkyNewsBreak Nadine talking to @BethRigby again before she goes into @HouseofCommons!! Nadine claims Tory donors won't support govt if #BorisJohnson removed! #ToryBlackmail? How much #ToryRussianMoney funded Johnson campaign!? How many Tory donors given peerages? @UKSFO @NCA_UK
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Johnson trying to bribe MPs with promises of promotion. #ToryBlackmail . No wonder we鈥檙e in such a mess. Governed by greedy slaves.
This is both outrageous and entirely believable. Threats and #ToryBlackmail to keep quiet the appalling #BrexitDisaster . #JohnsonOut90
#ToryBlackmail #ToryCorruptGovtOut . No money unless you vote Tory is blackmail.
All those Welsh Valley areas persuaded by Farage to vote for both UKIP & brexit will be losing out massively to this formula. This isn't levelling up this is about giving money to Tory voting areas Cash for the poorest areas diverted to wealthier regions鈥
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A councillor in another town is saying on Facebook 鈥淰ote Conservative and more money for the town will be forthcoming from the Government鈥. Is this buying votes? Is this allowed?
Voters are being told that backing the Tories in next month鈥檚 local government elections will give parts of Scotland the 鈥渂est shot鈥 at winning extra funding from the UK Government.
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Crackdown on fraud??? Start with the #ToryCriminals #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern PPE fraud, VIP lanes, illegal appointment of Dido Harding, Peerages for cronies, knighthood bribery, #Toryblackmail. @pritipatel dares to pretend she is investigating fraud.
Hmm. Knowsley and Huyton, where I live, has been knocked back for any funding 3 times. Southport has been awarded 拢37.5 million. Guess which town voted Tory.鈥
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