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Is this how the "chosen 1" speaks? Ay correction ... self-proclaimed lang pala! #fakepastor, #sexoffender, #wantedbytheFBI
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Weird flex, but OOHHHHH KAAYYYYY! #wantedbythefbi
#WantedByTheFBI Looks like I am a wanted man ... but only to get some money left to me.
Jonathan Pollock from #Florida is a fugitive from justice. Please keep retweeting these images until he is caught. Wanted for multiple assaults of officers at the #Capitol on #January6th If you see this man please contact the FBI or local law enforcement. Do not approach!
@RoyalFamily Regarding the statement where you said the Queen will no longer stay silent…she’s been pretty quiet about her ‘darling’ Andrew. Her silence is deafening! #princeandrewisarapist #PrinceAndrewIsANonce #wantedbythefbi
A reminder of when Prince Andrew visited Jeffrey Epstein at his apartment in New York in December 2011... 3 years after Epstein had been convicted of child sex offences. Prince Andrew can clearly be seen behind the door at the end of the video.
THIS!!!!! 👇🏻 #WantedByTheFBI
Can just about tolerate wall to wall coverage of DoE passing. I have no major issue with people who revere or respect monarchy. I do think BBC collusion with the Windsors to rehabilitate Andrew as a public figure is pretty low though. Like, Fox News level bootlicking.
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Have they put Prince Andrew away again yet? Can we come out from behind the sofa? #WantedByTheFBI
Ali (Akbar) Alexander thought to be the mastermind of the #Jan6th #insurrection is still out there conspiring and plotting. He is believed to be in the Dallas/Richardson area. If you have any info contact the @FBI @donwinslow is offering $75K for info leading to his arrest.
You can help the #FBI identify individuals involved in the January 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol. Visit if you recognize this person. Reference photo 214 in your tip.
Come on Twitter!!! Do your thing!!! #CapitolRiots #capitolbreach #wantedbythefbi
FBI seeking seven men suspected in the brutal beating of a @DCPoliceDept officer defending the U.S. Capitol.…